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The 5 Rules All Property Investors in The Australian Property Market Must Abide By In 2017

The predictions for 2017 property market in Australia are proving to be true. Just a month into it, the investment industry is already showing promising benefits for property investors. Many analysts are already calling it the year

5 Growing Trends in the Real Estate Industry

Back in June, Business Insider Australia reported a surge in housing prices across the country with Sydney alone reporting an increase of 5% in the prices of properties in the first five months of the year. However,

Advantages and Disadvantages of Real Estate Business

Real Estate business is found to be one of the most fascinating tools for making investments because when it is handled properly can results in considerable amount of profit. It is composed of several features with it

How to Sell Your Home Yourself ?

Now a days Real estate agents commissions are running as high as 2% to 10% on final home sale price, and many home sellers looking at slim profits or losses, it’s tempting to sell your home by

Why to invest in Real Estate Business ?

An investment has become the notion of the people in present days. People want to invest money so that they receive good in return and have a secure future. It is always about cash inflow and cash

7 Useful Tips to Invest in Real Estate Business

The great thing about real estate is that even in a bad economy, it will perform fare better than stocks. Land, after all, is a finite resource. People need a place to live, work, shop and play , so