Using Creative Advertising to Catch Your Client’s Eyes

Marketing is a challenge. Today, the challenge that marketers face is greater than ever before. This is because modern society is a content rich environment. Every single day people are being bombarded with information. The human brain can only hold on to so much information before it experiences fatigue. Couple that with the fact that people have a shorter attention span than ever before and it becomes clear why marketers have a challenge reaching their target audience.

Marketers have the option of purchasing their customer’s attention or earning it. One example of paying for customer’s attention is what you see when you look on the television. There are also a number of paid news feeds that appear on social media. These forms of media have been and will continue to be powerful in influencing the minds of consumers.

That being said, people are relying more and more on word-of-mouth advertising from their friends and family. People have a greater level of trust in forms of marketing that are not necessarily controlled by marketers. When a certain product becomes a viral topic, people are attracted to it and want to learn more about it.

In order to earn a customer’s attention, marketers must create high quality content. When designing a mobile billboard truck

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