10 Tips for Attracting Your Ideal Candidate 

When it comes to running a successful business, knowing how to attract ideal candidates is half the battle. Without amazing employees, staying ahead of the competition (especially in hyper-competitive industries) becomes insanely difficult. With the right know-how and strategies, however, you can easily attract the top local talent in your area to your business’s team. If you want to find an ideal candidate for a position your business has open, here are ten tips for attracting your ideal candidate: 

1. Pay Transparency 


If you want to attract ideal, qualified candidates to your company in today’s business climate, pay transparency is an absolute must. Without pay transparency, the number of candidates you will attract to apply will likely be cut in half. Competitors in your industry will attract the exact employees you’re hoping for if you fail to fulfill this primary worker demand. 

2. Having a Modern Workplace Attitude


The workplace has changed a lot in the past decade, especially over the last three years. By staying modern, respectful and up-to-date with your workplace practices, you’ll attract more intelligent, in-the-know, and excited employees to apply for you. The changes you’ll make along the way will keep your already-existing employees content as well. 

3. Using Social Media 


Social media is the primary way the majority of people communicate with each other in the modern day. This extends past our personal lives, and into the workplace. By keeping your social media presence strong, you’ll make more potential future employees aware of any job opportunities that you have available. And in turn, you’ll supercharge the number of applications for each position that your post receives. 

4. Implementing Modern Recruitment Technologies 


The days of leaving recruitment processes completely up to your employees are over. With new, modern recruitment technologies, you can cast a wider net than ever when seeking out quality candidates. The amount of time and money you’ll save in using these technologies makes them essential for employers looking to get ahead of the competition (both in their hiring and business practices). 

5. Keep the Application Process Simple 


Nothing will scare away potential candidates faster than a convoluted, overly-complex application process. Keep the application restricted to only the absolute essentials (at least for the first step). Doing so will increase the flow of candidates applying to your positions, and will let a wider audience of potential future applicants know about these open positions as well. 

6. Be Inclusive 


Inclusivity is key in every area of business. Applications are especially critical when it comes to being inclusive in your business practices. By making your applications easy to fill out and complete for all people, you make your business look compassionate, and further supercharge your potential pool of candidates. 

7. Keep Your Brand Fun 


If your brand feels like a stick in the mud, fewer candidates will want to apply to positions at your company. Stay fun (but professional), and you’ll attract the type of people that you want to work with. Both future employees, and your current team members, will thank you for the effort. 

8. Consider Internal Hires 


Before you go casting a super wide net, ask yourself this one crucial question: are there employees in our company’s pool that are the right fit for these positions? Employees like to know that you value them, and prioritizing them for new positions (and upgraded ones) does just this. Additionally, if you already have an excellent hire within your worker pool, you’ll save tons of time and money that would have gone to recruiting efforts. 

9. Stick to a Specific Rubric 


When you’re doing a large hiring campaign, cohesion and consistency are crucial. By sticking to a clear, easy-to-understand, and reliable hiring rubric, you will make the process easier for everyone involved. This practice will help others more easily refer qualified candidates to your open positions as well. 

10. Pay More than Your Competitors 


While it may seem like a no-brainer, actually researching the competitive pay levels of positions you’re trying to fill is one of the easiest ways to both attract qualified candidates, and beat your competitors to those candidates. The salary and/or hourly rate you offer is a huge reflection of your company, its values, and your prestige within the industry that you’re working within. If you let competitors consistently out pay you for the same type of work, your brand’s reputation (and the size of your candidate pool) will suffer.

Here’s to a Great New Hire


If you implement these ten tips and techniques into your recruiting practices, you’ll attract qualified, talented candidates to your business’s open positions in no time. Without a go-getter attitude, it will become likely that your business will miss out on great hires, and that those amazing could-have-been employees will instead be helping your competitors put you out of business.