13 Traits of a Future Finance Manager

13 Traits of a Future Finance Manager

If you’re striving hard to get into your desired organization as a finance manager, you’re at the right place. The conventional methods of hiring have made finance candidates focus solely on their educational background and professional experiences. While both of these are crucial to fit in becoming a finance manager, there are also some must-have traits that a candidate should be equipped with to meet any organization’s requirements. 

We’ve gathered 13 traits that a company hunts for in their future finance manager. 

  1. Capable to perform in all work settings

Either independently or in teams, you should be capable of giving your best in any setting. Why? Because work settings are not fixed in finance positions. One moment finance managers are working on independent tasks; the other moment, they are found working in a team. 

So, if you’re capable of performing both ways, don’t forget to highlight it the right way during your recruitment process.

  1. Passion for learning and growing

Those candidates who aspire to learn and grow are viewed as an asset to the company. If you’re already passionate about learning, terrific; however, if you’re not, you can try developing them before the hiring process. Try looking up what skills do you need to be an accountant on the internet and acquire them before your scheduled interview. 

Finally, showcase your passion during the hiring process and ace it!

  1. Proficient in technology

In today’s tech-savvy world, not being able to work with technology is considered mundane. Technical skills are required in almost all positions, no matter which sector you’re applying for. For instance, you may have to use something like NDIS billing software in day-to-day finance operations. You might be skilled with some of those few things that you were taught during your learning process; however, those aren’t enough anymore.

Try upgrading your tech skills because the more you bring to the table, the higher the probability of being selected.

  1. Able to work without supervision

Self-management is probably the most crucial trait because it transforms an average performer into a star employee. If you’re capable of giving your best even without guidance or supervision, try sharing your experiences with the recruiters to pull off tasks without any directions successfully. 

  1. Keeps it professional

Finance managers should radiate professionalism no matter what’s the culture of the company. Even if you’re applying for an organization that opts for a somewhat casual tone, don’t fall prey to it, instead adapt to it and remain professional throughout. 

The same goes for the hiring process, don’t take the employer’s casual tone into account; keep it professional. 

  1. Is Confident

Confidence is a trait every organization looks for in their potential employee. A confident employee contributes to moving an organization forward and allows the organization to put its trust in them. 

Try putting yourself in the interviewer’s shoes and decide whether you’d trust someone like you with the finances of the whole organization. 

  1. Communicates effectively

Every job requires human interaction, whether with your customers and clients or with colleagues and supervisors. Organizations need candidates who can effectively communicate their opinions and ideas with the team. 

You should be armed with excellent communication skills to display them during your hiring process and gain those extra points.

  1. Capable of being a leader

The best finance candidates are those who are capable of driving the entire organization forward with their exceptional leadership skills. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for an entry-level finance candidate or a managerial position; leadership qualities are a must-have to drive the finance sector. 

Why? Because only capable leaders can run important tasks like teamwork, effective communication, and project management. Make the interviewers pay heed to your leadership skills by highlighting them on your resume and then later talk about your experiences during the hiring process. Should you feel like you need some help with writing your resume, you could always make use of professional resume writing services like www.arcresumes.com to make sure that what is important really stands out and shows you off to the absolute best to a potential employer who may be reading this important document.

  1. Thinks analytically

While hard skills are essential to be acquired, soft skills are equally or maybe slightly more important in the long run. Strong analytical skills are those soft skills that make a candidate stand out among all. This is because analytical skills allow you to identify problems and instantly think of solutions. 

Not only this, but they also enable you to collect and analyze information and make effective decisions. You can display your analytical skills in the interview by putting forth your past instances when your skills came in handy.  

  1. Equipped with natural problem-solving skills

A finance position calls for the ability to troubleshoot problems and offer instant and practical solutions. You can convince your interviewer that problem-solving comes naturally to you by using the correct speech to show that you’re more focused on the solution rather than the problem. 

Other than that, you can try mentioning your best resolutions from past experiences.

  1. Pays heed to every tiny detail

Numbers always surround a finance position candidate. This is why it’s considered crucial for a potential finance employee to be accurate. Given how they have to watch over the financial matters of an organization, a little slip-up here and there is enough to mess up the organization’s financial department. 

Your interviewer will most likely test you with your accuracy, pay attention, ace the test, and get in the organization!

  1. Proficient in mathematics

For obvious reasons, you’ve got to be a pro at math to be eligible to work in any finance-related position. You should have competent knowledge about algebraic mathematics to secure yourself a job at a known organization. Showcase your skills in your resume as well as during the test before the interview.

  1. Capable of organizing things

Finance managers’ jobs involve dealing with numerous financial documents, including projections, calculations, contracts, and spreadsheets. A potential candidate must be well-organized so that everything is available to them and carry out tasks seamlessly. Being a neat-nick and performing your duties in an organized way will increase your chance of being shortlisted. 


Acquiring the traits mentioned above is imperative to your success in becoming a finance manager. However, if you’re already armed with the above skills, showcasing them during your hiring process the right way should be your next stop. 

Don’t let a few interviews prevent you from getting the position you deserve. Learn the traits, develop them, show them off, and wait for your appointment letter!