3 Things to Consider Before Investing In Solar Energy

Over the past decade, solar power has become a viable option for both the home and business. It offers a chance to reduce carbon imprint and the electric bill; therefore, many people have started researching whether adding panels could benefit them. Here are 3 things to consider as you talk to companies.

3 Things to Consider Before Investing In Solar Energy


Solar panels are a significant investment, so get several estimates for your home. Also, take time to investigate any state or national incentives. Over the past decade, government initiates have pushed for solar energy. Research solar investment New Jersey to note any tax credits within the area. In addition, check with your local utility company. Sometimes the utility company pays you for excess energy. These rates vary based on your area, and you’ll want to calculate if the deal is worth it. Take some time and crunch numbers before making a decision.


Many people like the idea of breaking away from the utility company and having some control over electricity. Talk to people about how well the panels work for them. In the case of bad storms, the solar might keep you from losing power. This usually requires investing in backup battery power. Talk to the company about this during set up.


When you sign with a company, discuss what type of upkeep is needed. Also, ask around the neighborhood to see if others have had any issues. What happens in the case of a hail storm? Do you need to add this to your home insurance policy, or it is covered under a warranty? Finally, consider your roof’s condition. The panels sit on top. If the roof is older, you may want to replace the roof first and then add solar. During roof renovations, workers would need to remove the panels. This could take time and push back your ability to recoup your investment.

Whether you are interested in helping the environment or saving some money, solar could be good for your home. Take some time to research to find the system that best fits your needs.