3 tips for buying a new home

Proper Home Staging is a Worthwhile Investment

Moving to a new house can happen for many reasons. From upsizing to downsizing, changing neighbours, or wanting more land, the reasons for moving are endless. However, once the decision to move has been made, it can feel like a strenuous task. Putting your current property on the market is overwhelming enough without having to think of finding a new one and packing up all of your belongings. 

When moving to a new house, there will be plenty of options on the market. Most homes will already be existing, and transactions will likely be between homeowners. However, the market is now seeing the emergence of new build properties. These properties are built by developers and are often far more modern than current homes on the market. They’re ideal for homeowners who want to be able to move right into a property without having to do any work to it. Plus, with many new builds, like those on the Highland Bridge development, they’re built beautifully with sustainability in mind. That’s not likely to be something found with existing properties. 

When choosing to buy a home, whether it’s an older home or a new build, there are a few tips to keep in mind. 

Ideally, sell before you buy

In some cases, this can be hard to do. However, it will make your life and finances much easier to manage if you can sell your current property before buying another. This means you’re not paying two mortgages at once and can focus on just one property. Plus, if you need to use the money from the sale of your current house as payment for a new house, it ideally needs to be sold beforehand, so you don’t experience financial strain. It also has the added benefit of making you feel more comfortable in your new home as you’re not feeling stressed about selling your old home. 

A seamless home selling process is a step closer to owning a new residential property. As you’ll be getting a significant amount of money from this sale, you should ensure a smooth and disruption-free process. 

Buyers and sellers are often tempted to hire the same professionals to settle the conveyancing process, but there’s a lot of danger in getting help from the same professional with both parties involved. Therefore, look for reliable conveyancing Brisbane services to help you transfer the property title to the new owner. 

Check neighbourhood property prices

Thanks to online estate agents, it’s easy to see different properties that are up for sale. This allows you to compare prices and see what you’re getting for your money. By comparing prices and other property aspects like square footage and appliances, you can get a well-rounded idea of what’s good value. Not only is this great for your pocket, but it means that you’re being treated fairly. For new build properties or those on a development, there will be different prices for different properties depending on their designs and specifications. For example, these homes for sale at the Delaware Beaches consist of numerous designs listed at different prices as each property has something different to offer. In this situation, you can speak to developers, pinpoint your exact needs, and then look at the associated costs.

Have an inspection

This mainly applies to older homes, although it’s wise to have a property inspection on every home you buy. By opting for property inspections, also known as home snagging, a home will be inspected from top to bottom by a professional. They will look at everything from the foundation of a home to the walls and ceilings. They will also look at the plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, as well as everything else. A professional inspector will then be able to write a report on the property, letting you know what’s up to a good standard and what needs looking at. Newer build properties will have inspectors looking at them before you move in to ensure everything is up to city code, but independent inspectors can be used if it gives you peace of mind. 

Bonus tip: Get ready for your move! 

Now that you’ve inspected your potential residence and haven’t encountered any problems, it’s time to transfer ownership under your name. As you’ve had previous experience in conveyancing, you can reach out to your conveyancer to help you in this next transaction. However, in this case, you’re the buyer. The agreement should confirm that the transaction is binding and legal to avoid subsequent issues. 

The last and most exciting part is starting your life fresh in another environment. Although packing and organizing can be stressful for some homeowners, decluttering and arranging your things for a move lets you see what you don’t need to take with you.

Key Takeaway

Buying a new home should be an exciting time. After all, it’s a new chapter in your life! However, it’s important to remember that any home is a big purchase and being prepared is essential. That way, you can find a home that suits all of your needs for a decent price.