3 Tips for Moving Into a New Office

Moving to a new office is exciting — it’s a good opportunity to make a fresh start and tackle work with an enhanced sense of vigor. Here are three tips to help make moving your office a smooth experience so you can focus on the excitement instead of worrying about the move itself.

3 Tips for Moving Into a New Office

1. Hire Commercial Movers

Don’t try to move an entire office by yourself over the weekend, and don’t have your team do it. Hire commercial moving services Nashville TN — this will not only be more efficient than having your team take care of it, but you also won’t have to worry about being liable if an employee pulls a muscle. The actual moving itself can be the most stressful and taxing part of the entire process, so save yourself the hassle and pay somebody else to take that stress away.

2. Get Employee Input

Putting the actual move aside, simply planning to move offices is a big job — again, don’t handle it all yourself. Employee engagement is a huge factor in team success, and your team may have great ideas you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Having your team help plan the move will also help reveal pain points within your organization, such as needing more quiet spaces for deep work.

3. Plan the Layout Before the Move

Don’t plan on figuring out the office layout once you get there — take time beforehand to plot out the new office and decide where everything will go. You don’t want to find out at the last minute that you don’t have a space for that expensive copy machine.

If you plan ahead, moving offices can be more exciting than anything else. Get your team involved so they feel a sense of ownership in the new location, and hire out the move itself — your team likely wasn’t hired to be movers, so don’t add that to their job responsibilities. If you follow these steps, your move should be a success.