4 Keys to Keeping your Office Clean

4 Keys to Keeping your Office Clean

You may not be aware of how critical cleanliness is to your business. Clients often have little to go on when choosing suppliers or companies for collaborations. With all other things being equal, a dirty or disorganized office will weigh heavily against you in their estimation of your care and attention. This might not be so bad for a second-hand appliance shop, but devastating for a dental surgeon. If you want to present the impression of professionalism, you need to have a spotless and organised office space. Here are some tactics to help you keep on top of clutter and reduce the amount of effort required for cleaning.

  1. Hire Professional Office Cleaners: The quickest path to getting ahead of the cleanliness game is to outsource the whole thing and leave the job to professionals. They not only have the experience, but they also have all the right tools. And what’s more, they are paid to clean, so for them it is not an extra task thrown in during the workday. But that is what it can feel like for employees when they are asked to clean while they have other things to do. Today there are excellent cleaning services like JAN-PRO available to step in and take care of all your cleaning needs, so you can focus on doing business.
  2. Get Organised: If you are trying to look more professional, one of the keys is organization. This also applies to cleaning. If everything has its place; it is likely that it will be found there. Organization also helps to limit clutter. Clutter can be just as unsightly as an unclean space; it is also a sign of apathy.
  3. Have a Defined Cleaning Protocol: If you do decide that you can handle the cleaning in-house, then the best way to approach the task is to identify the priority areas and then have checklists for the cleaning of them. If employees are assigned to the cleaning, it is great if they can sign a checklist or a spreadsheet when the task is done. There are usually areas that need regular attention, and areas that can be dealt with weekly. If you have a clear protocol, you can make sure that none of these areas have been neglected for weeks and weeks.
  4. Have Good Equipment and Supplies: If you do not have a cleaning service, then you will be at a slight disadvantage, unless you purchase top quality equipment to do the job. If you think of office cleanliness as PR and image marketing, you will feel better about putting money towards cleaning equipment, which can be rather pricey.  But the whole process of cleaning is more enjoyable when the right equipment and supplies are available.

Cleaning should be considered a whole office effort, so try to avoid putting the responsibility on one person. That way there won’t be as much finger pointing and complaints. If you do put someone in charge of cleaning, choose someone who enjoys the process of organising and making things tidy. It is also important to recognise and reward cleanliness in the office area. People have different standards, but recognition is a way to raise the bar.

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