4 new ways to make your home more secure

Most people are aware of classic home security devices like surveillance cameras and porch lights. Technology has advanced a great deal in recent years, though, and there are now more security options available than ever before. Some of these are truly revolutionary and will make you feel a lot safer in your home.

#1 Smart doorbell camerasa

These ingenious devices are attached to your doorbell at one end and a screen inside the home at the other. When somebody arrives at the door and rings the bell, the camera lets you know exactly who’s on your doorstep without you needing to venture outside. Some cameras even allow you to communicate, which is especially useful if you’re currently out of the house but want a parcel left somewhere. These cameras are cheap and easy to install, and they ensure that you always know exactly who’s calling. Devices like this are favored by the elderly, but anyone can benefit from not opening the door to strangers at night.

#2 Anti loitering alarm

One of the most innovative pieces of technology on the list, anti loitering devices like those available from mosquitoloiteringsolutions.com are designed to stop troublesome groups amassing around your house. The devices are made primarily for the elderly, who might feel threatened when groups of teens loiter around their home. Older people often have a reduced hearing range, and the alarms capitalize on this. They emit a high frequency (very annoying!) sound that’s only discernible to younger people, driving them away from the property. It sounds scary, but these alarms are completely safe, completely legal and highly effective.

#3 Smart home security hub

There are plenty of these available, including offerings from Hive (best known for their heating systems) and Vivint. Hubs put all your home security, including locks, cameras and alarms in one place, making it far easier to secure the building. Setting locks and alarms is a time-consuming process and it’s easy to forget one, leaving you vulnerable. Better still, a truly smart security hub can be operated remotely. This means that you can monitor your home even when you’re out for the day or on holiday, offering a truly 24/7 security solution. Peace of mind is the big selling point with these devices – you’ll never have to rush back home to check that you locked the back door!

#4 Professional monitoring systems

You’re spoiled for choice if you want to outsource home security to a specialist company. There are lots of professional monitoring services available, not least from Abode and Wyze. Security cameras are dotted around your home and, once activated, they will be monitored remotely by a human. The advantages of this are obvious, especially if you have a lot of valuable items in your house. While the amount of choice in this area continues to grow, it still pays to do a little research. Read reviews and select a company with responsive, round the clock access to customer support. 

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