5 Reasons you Need to use Pay Per Call

Pay per call advertising is different from other types of marketing. Here being an advertiser you just need to pay for the calls made to your tracking number and not for any form filled.

And another best thing with pay per call is, its conversion rate is higher than any other form of advertisements. And so, Pay Per Call advertising has proven to be beneficial for all kinds of businesses.

In this post, we are going to talk about some top features of the pay per call-based advertisements. And if you are looking to start with it, you may connect with any Pay Per Call Networks and get started easily.

#1 Pay for the inbound call and not leads

This is the best thing with the pay per call-based advertisements. Here you promote your product or services that contains a tracking number. And when people will call to that tracking number, it will be considered as a lead and not for simply filling some random online form.

That is the reason, it become beneficial for marketers to take advantage of Pay Per Call advertising.

#2 Call tracking is easy and helpful

You can use any inbound call tracking system to track the calls received from the pay per call ads. This helps you with the following:

  • You’ll come to know the source of the call.
  • Knowing source of the call help you understand which ad medium is working great for you.
  • You’ll come to know the user perspective.
  • You can improve your support system and technologies.
  • Gather the feedback which will help you improve the product or services and more.

Apart from these also, there are many other benefits of call tracking as well like it helps taking business decision. So, you must use it.

#3 Conversion for pay per call is high

Yes, the conversion rate of pay per call ads are higher than any traditional advertisement system. Usually, it has been seen that any pay per click-based ads gives you around 2% conversion rate while pay per call ads gives around 32% conversion. And so, this has become a favorite advertising system for the advertisers.

#4 More automation work is done

You’ll find the inbound calls and tracking are usually automated. That means starting from receiving the calls till conversion everything is automated. You receive a call and then you can make use of IVR which will help routing the calls to the correct department or person. This not only reduces the human effort but also reduces the error rate and increases the SLA of the system.

#5 Make reuse of the leads

It’s a good business strategy to reuse your existing leads and customers. The call tracking software include such feature where you can make a note while the call is ongoing.

This helps you understand their requirements in a better way which can be reused for further sale.


These were some of the top features of pay per call advertisements. If your business is in some relevant niche where the ticket size is large and profit margin is good, you must try pay per call ads. Some blog niches like healthcare, banking and finance, tourism have shown great potential with pay per call ads.

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