5 Things Your Business Website Needs

All it takes is a few minutes of navigating the web to realize that there are a considerable amount of badly put together websites out there. We’re not just talking about the way they look, either. 

In order for a website to fully serve its purpose, and present your business in a positive light, it’s important that it has the right elements. From layouts, to navigation, here are five things your website should absolutely have.


Keywords are an important part of telling Google what your website is all about. Keywords are like clues that you leave behind to lead search engines in your direction. Adding SEO to your website is a critical part of ensuring that you show up as one of the first options when people Google keywords similar to yours. 

Since not every company has the time to add SEO to the website themselves, you may want to consider hiring an SEO agency to do it for you. They can help you strategize what the best options for your industry are that will give you the greatest amount of results.

A Memorable Address

It’s important that you choose a web address that is easy to remember. Choosing something that’s too long or has nothing to do with what your business name is is a fast way to confuse people. 

Make sure it’s something that people can easily recognize, and won’t have trouble remembering when they want to visit your site. The more straightforward of a URL you choose, the less room there is for confusion.

Contact Information

Your website can be full of the most beautiful graphics and text in the world, but if it’s missing a basic element like how to get  a hold of you, then your website isn’t good for anything. Don’t make the mistake of getting so wrapped up in the details that you forget the basics. People should know where you are, how to get a hold of you, and who you are.


We live in an age where people trust customer testimonials as much as they would a firsthand personal recommendation from a friend or family member. In order to convince your potential customers that you’re the real deal, you should add customer testimonials throughout your website. Doing so will give you credibility, and it’s an opportunity to show off your accomplishments.

A Call to Action

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to ask your customers to do something before they leave your website. A call to action can be anything from signing up for your website, to using a coupon. The idea is for them to take one step closer to purchasing from you, or becoming a member.