6 Types Of Insurance Policies You Need To Protect Your Business 

Starting your own company could be one of the best ways to earn a livelihood. It enables you to manage yourself to create your desired wealth.  

While that is the case, running a successful company always comes with certain risks. It’s, therefore, essential to get ready and prepared to deal with future uncertainties. One of the best ways to achieve that is by subscribing to specific insurance policies.  

Below are some essential types of insurance policies offered by a company like  Trades Insurance and other similar ones in the market. You can consider buying them to protect your business.  

  • Employees Compensation Insurance Policy

Worker compensation insurance from wa is a must if you want to run a successful company. It helps compensate any worker injured or dies while working within your business premises.

According to the law of personal injury or tort, it’s your responsibility to compensate any team member who sustains injuries in your company. Besides, you’ll also be required to pay their medical bills. And, when an injured worker dies, you’re supposed to pay for their funeral arrangement expenses. Such costs will harm your business finances. But, you can save a lot of money by purchasing a workers’ compensation policy. 

You won’t spend money on any injured worker with a suitable employee insurance policy. It’ll be the insurance company’s responsibility to care for them. This goes a long way in enhancing your profits.  


  • Vehicle Insurance Policy 

If your business owns cars, subscribing to a vehicle insurance policy would be a great idea. It protects your business if one of the cars is involved in an accident.  

Road accidents are daily events on major roads. Your business car can be involved in an accident even when your driver is driving very carefully. If your car is responsible for the accident, you’ll be required to compensate the other party.

There are two major types of vehicle insurance policies: third-party and comprehensive.  

In most states, third-party car insurance is compulsory. It insures against third-party injuries. On the other hand, comprehensive insurance isn’t mandatory. Such a policy takes care of your car damage and any third-party injury. A comprehensive car insurance policy could be the best option if you have a considerable budget.  

  • Property Insurance Policy

Assets are essential to the growth and success of your business enterprise. These are items of value that your company possesses. While some of them, like inventory, can be converted into sales, others, like buildings and machinery, are utilized to generate revenues.  

Sometimes, some of your valuable assets can be stolen or get damaged by natural calamities like fire outbreaks and floods. You’ll be forced to buy other assets to bring your business back to operation when that happens. And, for severe damage, you might not be in a position to open your store again. Save your business by buying a property insurance policy. Such a policy will cover your inventories and other assets in the event of theft, flood, and fire.  

  • Business Income Insurance Policy

Finding a property insurance policy is advisable because it allows you to acquire damaged or lost assets without spending your savings. However, sometimes, the claim process can take longer than you think. As you wait for compensation, you might want to continue paying for rent, electricity, salaries, etc. That’s where business income insurance comes in handy.  

Also known as business interruption, an income insurance policy can help recover any lost income. This occurs especially if you can’t run your company because your properties were stolen or destroyed. Use this insurance cover to settle all your ongoing expenses.  

  • Professional Liability Insurance Policys

Does your business offer professional services? If yes, you may want to find professional liability insurance cover. It’ll cover your company against malpractice, negligence, errors, and omissions when providing services to clients. Make sure you purchase the right insurance depending on your services or industry.  

  • Data Breach Insurance

Customers’ data form an integral part of your business. You can use these to develop marketing strategies and make some strategic decisions.  

While you can put up measures to protect your customers’ business data, sometimes, unauthorized personas may access them. Customers may sue you when you expose their information to unintended users.  This can hurt your finances in the form of compensation. Avoid such cases by finding data breach insurance cover. This policy helps your business respond to data breaches if customers’ information gets compromised or stolen.  


You’ll likely face various risks in the course of running your company. However, you can fully prepare your venture for the worst by insuring your business. You can consider getting the types of insurance covers explained in this article to protect your business at all times and costs.