What is the 7700 Eastport parkway 95131 Credit Card Charge ?

Online space is full of scams, and you must be very careful when making a purchase. Many scammers even bring up a new website with the products. The products sold via those websites are at dirt-low prices, and you would not be able to resist those deals. In such a case, many people fall for the scams, making payments for the order. These customers never receive their orders, but they lose their money. One popular scam transaction on your card can show up as 7700 Eastport parkway 95131. Find out more information about this transaction below.

What is the 7700 Eastport parkway 95131 Credit Card Charge

What is 7700 Eastport parkway 95131?

Many people reported that they ordered stuff from a website online, and the transaction appeared on the card with the description 7700 Eastport parkway 95131. These people also mentioned that they never received any order detail or tracking details. So, if you have noticed a similar transaction on your card, it is most likely a scam. You also need to recall if you ordered a website from a third-party website or any website that looked shady. We haven’t received a positive response about the transaction with the description 7700 Eastport parkway 95131.

What Next?

Do not expect the company to help you with a refund, as this is fraud. In such a case, you need to reach out to your bank and raise a dispute. Once you raise a dispute, the bank will put the settlement on hold and initiate an inquiry. After this, the money will be refunded back on your card within the given timeline. You can get more information about refunds by calling your issuer. In addition, the timelines are very important here, so call the bank as soon as you realize that you have been scammed.

It can also appear as one of the following in your credit card Statement :

1 CHECKCARD 7700 Eastport parkway 95131
2 CHKCARD 7700 Eastport parkway 95131
3 CHKCARD7700 Eastport parkway 95131
4 Misc. Debit 7700 Eastport parkway 95131
5 PENDING 7700 Eastport parkway 95131
6 POS Debit 7700 Eastport parkway 95131
7 POS PUR 7700 Eastport parkway 95131
8 POS PURCH 7700 Eastport parkway 95131
9 POS PURCHASE 7700 Eastport parkway 95131
10 POS REFUND 7700 Eastport parkway 95131
11 PRE-AUTH 7700 Eastport parkway 95131
12 Visa Check Card 7700 Eastport parkway 95131 MC

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