The Affordability of Living in Fairhope, Alabama

When we are looking for a place to settle down, we must consider its affordability in terms of the cost of living. This impacts where we buy real estate because of the necessity to be able to comfortably afford to run our home. Considering all the places in the U.S., we settled on Fairhope, Alabama as a place where the cost of living is affordable for the average family. That being said, we will now go into more detail about it. 

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What Are People Saying About Fairhope, Alabama?

Fairhope, located in Baldwin County, is considered by many to be one of the best places to live in Alabama. This is because living there will offer residents a suburban way of living that feels like everything is spaced out and thinly populated rather than everyone being cramped in together. This is on offer despite the housing being affordable.

Retirees in Fairhope tend to be conservative. The public schools have received high ratings. So, it has everything that is required for working families with children, and for those where relaxation has overtaken working as a priority.

Baldwin County in Alabama is considered a place that is good for business and careers. This will more than take care of the cost of living in this region.

Beach Living

For those who like a beach, there is Fairhope Municipal Pier & Park. North of this pier there is a long stretch of beach. There is just a small fee to access the beach in summer but the pier remains free. Behind the beach, those wanting to enjoy a picnic have grassy areas and shady trees as an environment in which to enjoy. The views are also nice.

The beach and picnic areas offer an affordable way to spend spare time outdoors that will not affect family budgets too much.

Only 30 miles from Fairhope is Gulf Shores. This is a beach-side resort town that is on a barrier island. Other nice Alabama beaches include Dauphin Island, Fort Morgan, Gulf State Park, Orange Beach Robinson Island, and West Beach. So, there will be plenty of beaches to enjoy should you consider purchasing real estate in Fairhope. The beach is such a relaxing place and just watching the water is a tranquil experience. When you have children, it is the most affordable form of entertainment to be had and will keep them occupied for hours. Nobody can ever tire of beaches.

Cost of Living Index

One cost of living index that I found for Fairhope, Alabama, indicated that it was average in terms of living costs throughout the U.S. Its living costs overall were higher compared to Alabama but not when compared to the rest of the U.S. In terms of health costs, utilities, and transportation, Fairhope fared lower on its living costs than Alabama. So, there is good news here for those looking to buy real estate in Fairhope when those considerations are important.

In conclusion, Fairhope, Alabama, is a cost-effective place to live in terms of its sparse suburban feel, because much of its entertainment can be had on the beaches, and because of the other cost of living indicators detailed above. The recommendation that Fairhope is one of the best places to live in Alabama, coupled with all these elements, makes it desirable in real estate terms. Buying real estate in Fairhope can be seen as a good investment. So, whether you are a family or a retiree, it is worth exploring the possibility.