ATM full form – What is the Full Form of ATM ?

ATM Full Form is  Automated Teller Machine

ATM is an abbreviation for Automated Teller Machine. ATMs are devices that are used by people to withdraw money from their bank account without going to the bank and without the help of a teller. All you need is a credit card or debit card to withdraw funds from the ATM. To put this simply, we can say that ATMs are self-serve machines for withdrawing funds from your bank account without going to the bank where your account is held. After knowing ATM full form let us see more details about it .

ATM full form

When you withdraw cash directly from the bank, the bank might charge you a small fee for the withdrawal. But when you do it via an ATM you can bypass the fees since most of the ATMs let you withdraw cash for free without any withdrawal fee. But using other bank’s ATMs where you don’t have an account might attract some service fee for every withdrawal.

There are two major types of ATMs available. One is a simple basic machine where you can just withdraw funds from your account. With another type of ATM, you can not only withdraw funds, but you can also deposit funds in the account, pay your credit card bills, deposit FD and RD too.

What is the Full Form of ATM

An ATM works by reading the data on your card and identifies your bank account. You need to insert the card into the ATM. Once the card is inserted you will be asked for a 4 digit security PIN. Once you enter the correct PIN you can withdraw the funds from your bank account. Your card might get blocked if you input the wrong PIN more than thrice.

Other Full Forms of ATM 

Software : Automated Telephone Manager
Chemistry : Atmosphere
Stock Exchange : Automated Trading Machine , Amsterdam Treasury Bond Market
Military and Defense :  Anti-tactical Missile ,  Anti-tank Missile ,  Advanced Trauma Management ,  Air Target Material ,  Assign Traffic Metering , Air Traffic Management ,  Army Ten-miler
Information Technology : Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Banking : Automated Teller Machine
Internet Slang : At the moment
Telecommunication : Automated Transmissions Machine
File Type : Adobe Type Manager Related File
Electronics : Asynchronous Transfer Mode , Advanced Test Module , Automated Timing Mechanism , Automatic Timing Mechanism
Messaging : Across The Miles , At The Moment
Airport Code : Altamira

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