Best CRM for Small Businesses

Good customer relations are essential for a business to have. Maintaining a professional relationship with your customers and clients can lead to higher customer satisfaction towards the company offering the services. Thus, it is essential for companies and businesses, no matter how big or small, to have good CRM management software. One of the CRM software most highly recommended is that from Hubspot. Whitehat offers Hubspot onboarding services ( check it out here ) that provide technical guidance on how to configure the HubSpot software, as well as campaign assistance with the HubSpot tools. If you don’t know where to start, this could be the perfect place.

Small companies might not be all too familiar with CRM software, but they need to know what it is. There are tons of small business CRM softwares you can get online, and this has become easier to understand for entrepreneurs who are still starting up in their small business ventures. 

Best CRM for Small Businesses

What is CRM?

To start with, customer relationship management (CRM) is a software that helps small and big businesses alike in managing and optimizing their relationships with their customers, prospects, and clients. CRM is a tool used to establish sales strategies that track and control activities in each transaction or process stage.

CRM includes follow up emails, updates, and notifications about new products and services of businesses to their customers and potential prospects and clients. Although this might seem hard to achieve for small businesses, it is not impossible to establish a CRM software and can even go a long way.

How CRM Works

CRM software works like a system of connections that links salespeople with selling activities such as endorsements of promos and new products or services of a company to their prospects and current and potential customers. The software allows businesses to search, input, store, and manage leads that they can use in the future if there are promotions.

With CRM software, it will be easier for small businesses to capture information on prospects and help sales teams to move along the whole process with customers and prospects. 

Benefits of Having a CRM software

If your start-up is thinking of getting a small business CRM software, whether they need a crm for mortgage brokers or for a financial advisor here are some features and benefits that you can look into and consider:

CRM provides opportunity management. This benefit lets you track and manage the opportunity stage, the probabilities of closing, and the opportunities to close ratios. 

Lead and prospect management. This CRM feature lets you manage and handle leads and prospects in one place and enables you to convert contacts and leads into customers. The leads that you can get through prospecting can save through prospect communications such as follow-up emails and notifications.

Account and contact management. Once you’ve turned your prospects and leads into customers, you can now manage them and put them in a contact book. You should include relevant information such as contact numbers, email addresses, and personal info in each customer data. 

Who Should Use CRM?

As mentioned, anyone in the business industry can use CRM software even if they are still only starting. However, when looking for CRM software, you need to be specific on how big or small your business or company is for you to get into the right CRM software.

CRM offers the best benefit for the following people and departments:

  • Business owners and upper management.
  • Salespeople or the sales department
  • Marketers or the marketing department
  • Customer service department.