Best stocks to buy in India for long term

Most of the people believe in long term investment since investor can make more money only through long term investment. Before analyzing about the corresponding sector we should also notice that the growth of the sector and how long the growth will last only by concluding that the maximum growth of a business can be exploited. Some of the Best stocks to buy in India for long term

Best stocks to buy in India for long term

IT Information Technology

If there is the revival of USA economy which will be a good factor for IT sector and devaluation of INR is also and other good sector for this IT sectors. Indian government has recently focus that on digital India which will benefit IT companies and this will also be easy for midcap IT companies to shift swiftly compared to large companies like Infosys. So when focusing these factors midcap IT space is quite looking good for long term investment. So concentrating on medium companies comparatively to top companies is good for long term investment.


Recently government of India has taken some steps to promote Pharmaticals sector where these also comes from the devaluation of INR. In India most of the Indian pharmacy companies had invested heavily on R&D which fields in good results. And here the growth of the Pharmaticals Company can be judged by based on the number of pending ANDA approvals from US food and drug administration. So by judging these factors one can conclude that will it be suitable for long term investment or not.


The stock has been enjoying at higher growth rate for last 12 month and it has also proved new records high so undoubtedly for long term investment which will remain strong and overall structure is also quite sturdy. Sometimes there may be early signs of exhaustion since for last couple of weeks this has been recommending going short at higher levels.

Bata India

This stock is also moving in a correct to face for last couple of months, and here it is noticed that the fall got arrested around 38.20% retracement level and the stock has been started rebounding by a piercingly. So this is also one of the good stocks for long term investment.


Textile sector is one of the oldest step sectors in the economy since it has gone through tough times in recent years due to GST transition faces but still there will be a demand in this textile process, under this there will be many sectors bringing demand in the upcoming period. Here there will be a domestic demand which always remains the key factor for textile industry. The raw material where the cotton production which is impacted pink boll worm issues which has seemed to be stabilized for the sector.

Auto four wheeler

In this part there will be always demand of two wheeler and four wheeler, on the rural demand areas. Here this is also one of the best parts for long term investment after the sixth pay commission implementation the volume of Maruti Suzuki has been jumped 10 times higher and this is confirmed that this process will maintain as it and the demand will be little bit higher. Hence these are the Best stocks to buy in India for long term .

Note : The main objective is to create the awareness and to educate investors about this subject matter. Please do proper research before buying anything in Stock Market . This article is only to provide the information we gathered .


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