Building Your Customer Base: 5 Tips for Winning More Business

Getting a business off the ground is hard work. It requires not just providing a stellar product or service but also getting the word out about that service to new customers, which can be tough when businesses haven’t yet gotten themselves established. Read on to find out about five tips for attracting business and building a customer base.

Building Your Customer Base: 5 Tips for Winning More Business

Use Digital Media

The best way to reach new customers is to find them online. Just building an eye-catching website isn’t enough, though. Business owners need to reach out to customers on social media, local websites, and elsewhere to convince them to visit the site.

Most business owners don’t have a ton of expertise when it comes to online content creation and digital marketing, which poses an additional challenge. Those who want a little help getting started can read more at to learn about strategies that really work.

Improve Customer Service

One of the best ways to generate more word-of-mouth attention is to offer customer service that gets people talking. Make sure the company’s number is easy to find and there’s someone available to answer the phone, offer live chatting online, or use AI-based chatbots to handle basic customer queries.

Remember that a solid customer service plan shouldn’t end when new customers walk out the door. Instead, reach out to people who are happy with their new products to express appreciation for their business or ask what could have been done differently.

Get More Online Reviews

Some brick-and-mortar business owners assume that they don’t need to worry about online reviews. That’s a huge mistake. Although only 10% of actual sales take place online, around 97% of consumers check the Internet before deciding where to shop, and many of them head to third-party review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and even Facebook.

The best way to improve online reputation and garner more reviews is to ask satisfied customers for their feedback directly. This can be accomplished via email, text message, or even in the store at the point of sale. To check emails and eliminate duplicate email addresses, you can use an email verification tool. Plus, you can track the success of your campaigns using analytics tools, which will help you optimize your efforts and increase your chances of success . When getting the company’s information out there, remember that most customers won’t be put off by one or two bad reviews, but most will look elsewhere for someplace to take their business if the company has no reviews at all.

Create a Unique Brand

Branding isn’t just for mega-corporations. Small business owners also need to come up with their own brands that reflect their companies’ products, mission, and values. Consistent branding across all digital and in-person advertising platforms helps to increase brand recognition, creating interest in new customers and keeping the company at the forefront of existing customers’ minds.

Know the Audience

Every business has a target audience. Knowing who is most likely to shop at the store, restaurant, or another establishment is a great way to figure out how to spend advertising dollars most efficiently. Use data analytics tools to find out who’s been visiting the website and engaging with the company’s social media posts and consider sending out surveys to existing customers. Just make sure to offer an incentive such as coupons so they feel like their time is valued.

The Bottom Line

Attracting more customers to a small business doesn’t have to be hard. With the right combination of stand-out products, excellent customer service, and targeted online marketing, any small business can get more people through its doors.