Business Ideas in Chennai with low Investment

Business Ideas in Chennai with low Investment

Young generations have more ideas than any age group but even if you are senior citizen you still can begin your career with low budget and earn as much as you want. So it is not necessary to know which one would be of your interest and these kinds of business will fit all most all age group so yeah you can embark on your own business with low investment.

Top 8 Business Ideas in Chennai with low Investment

  1. Travel agency

This might seem expensive but you can embark on this business at very low investment and with time it will give you good earning if you will understand how to use it or how does it work. You can embark on where you are and you can spend this business to other places too. Once when you start this trade there is no going back but there is always forward way the only things you will need is that keep patience and keep it as long as it will need.

  1. YouTube channel

Many people find it complete shit! But this is a global era and if you want to reach globally then this will be the best option. YouTube only demands talent so if you have even bit talent then the world is yours and you can earn thorough it a lot! There are other options to if you find it not working for you. But YouTube gives you a visible platform on a large basis if you have little bit talent you can go very forward, yes it may take some time but this will definitely going to work.

  1. Online bakery

This is also one of low investment businesses and you will just have to do is that you will need to have a room where you can arrange business stuffs and you can keep two or three deliver boys and online bakery can be started actually online and offline both you can add some creative ideas out there if you can arrange some chairs ad table so that people can visit to have snacks and coffee out there then this business can help you earn even more so it will take every less investment. Once this business start giving you good result you can spread it more and you can put more products.

  1. Wedding consultants

Do you understand the importance of wedding consultant? Yes this can be also a profession you can do it just by sitting at home you can unite couples and love birds this is a business without investment this only needs contact that is it!

  1. Mobile recharge shop

You would have also most seen many people with this shop and going for this option but the business of mobile recharge is also changing with time as there has come many online options such as paytm, Google pay pal but still this is not the problem you can easily start it with low investment and you can keep more products out there such as you can keep ear phones, SIM cards which generally mobile recharge shop keeps, you can keep mobile covers, chargers, power bank so that when you will have variety you will have customers and when they will get all the things at one stop they will definitely want to come.

  1. Breakfast joint

This is one of nicest business you can single out as so many businessman or businesswomen seek out breakfast stores when they get late for their office. So you can start this and it will be beneficial for you as there are many college goers or school goers who skip their breakfast for some reasons so when you will provide good and healthy breakfast this will definitely give fuel to the fire.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is the best business option as it does not charge you much I think this would be very cheap business you can start with as you will only need to have a laptop and good network connection and then domain authority that is it! The only hard work it will take your efforts only you just have to write good contents this will some time but this will definitely bring you money so many people are going for this option when they cannot go out they can do it from home and this can be started from everywhere so you do not need to have particular place and all!

  1. Event organisation

This desire can be turned into business if you want event management is indeed good idea you just need to have smart mind and there is nothing specific talent you need for it you just need to have  creative mind and this will cost you very less  to start with! But yes here you will need a good team so that when you will get big contracts you will need a very hardworking team but this business also take time if you will think that today you have started this business and second day you will reach at level. No almost all business takes some time you cannot predict when your business will reach at good place.


So these are some of options I have given you and there are more such options you can go for there is no limitation for business you can start your business even if you are in Chennai or wherever you are! You need to careful for few things when you are going to embark on your own business at first you need to be patient whatever you are going to start second you should start the business which matches your desire so it will keep you motivated and at line. Now see your budget and single out accordingly then put your ideas into action and get started even if you have low budget these options will definitely establish you as Entrepreneur and you just have to go forward there is no looking back and also keep faith in your hard work and in yourself.