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COVID was officially declared a national emergency on March 13, 2020. Immediately, according to OnlineDoctor, Google search interest for “telehealth” rose by 317%. Simultaneously, Google searches for the term “doctor near me” dropped by 28% in the U.S. Now that it’s clear Americans are open to at home healthcare services it’s up to us as investors to find great companies in this space for our portfolios. I have identified two such companies and this article will introduce them as well as support my opinion that investing in At Home Healthcare companies should result in a huge profit potential. 

A new wave of enthusiasm for ‘no contact’ medicine has taken hold in the United States and it’s in the form of telemedicine and at home remote monitoring. For patients that are at high risk of Covid-19, going to the doctor’s office can be mixed with fear and concern of contracting the illness due to the high likelihood of human contact. Telemedicine and at home remote monitoring are both solutions to deal with that anxiety.  Telemedicine and at home remote monitoring both significantly reduces the risk of Covid-19 exposure.  As a result, many Americans are adopting a positive attitude toward new technology for being treated and diagnosed at home. 

Telehealth is the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies. It allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions according to Wikipedia

Two companies that are clearly taking a firm position in the space are ‘Face 2 Face Health’, a private childcentric digital health company and CB Scientific Inc, a public company trading under the stock ticker CBSC that is focused on at home remote monitoring. These two featured companies will reiterate the foundational argument of this article which is that medicine in the future is going to be strongly footed in Telemedicine and at home remote monitoring. Companies that are on the forefront today are sure to be leaders in the industry tomorrow and to that end, I as the writer and as an investor feel there is a tremendous opportunity to make money with developing companies that personify why at home medical services are an essential part of any portfolio containing healthcare related investments.  

Face 2 Face Health is my first featured company and is being used to fortify the point that this growing trend of Telemedicine is here to stay. “Children’s Health and wellness at your fingertips.”  According to the company website (https://f2fhealth.com/), they seek to improve the health and development and well-being of every child. Face2Face Health is the first easy to use digital holistic care coordination and education platform focused primarily on children and families. Through digital connectivity, they provide help for a child’s physical, developmental, emotional and behavioral challenges and offer such tools and resources like screening, remote monitoring, supplements and support communities. 


CB Scientific Inc, Stock Symbol CBSC, provides innovative products and services in the ambulatory non-invasive cardiac remote monitoring space. Their FDA and CE cleared EKG devices, interactive cloud-based acquisition software, and smartphone apps for both iOS and Android platforms, provide improvements in compliance for patients at risk of abnormal heart rhythms as well as more scientifically accurate information for physicians. (*) in customer trials awaiting final CFDA approval. Recently the company announced they are closing an acquisition (https://cbscientificinc.com/cb-scientific-inc-announces-definitive-agreement-to-acquire-cardiolink-corporation-an-independent-diagnostic-testing-facility-idtf/) which will streamline their diagnostics by offering both a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. CBSC has also announced that they have new Asian distributors for their My-Cam product, an auto trigger loop EKG recording device. With that development, the company then appointed a new director of Asia Pacific named XXX and Chip Martin as the CEO for CBSC.  This is discussed in a recent podcast  (https://audioboom.com/posts/7807543-cb-scientific-inc-discusses-the-potential-of-their-proprietary-cardiac-event-monitor-my-cam-w) including future revenue projections by June 2021. 

Finding the right investments comes down to understanding the benefits of at home healthcare and certainly finding the most undervalued opportunities in the market. I truly believe that CB Scientific Inc. Stock Symbol CBSC is, of course, undervalued and when they start delivering product(s) to their new Asian distributors later this month, we will see just how impactful their non invasive cardiac monitor is for people all over the world. Asia, in particular, has a particularly high rate of heart disease and globally it already effects 31% of the world’s population. CBSC is positioned perfectly to help change early detection and diagnosis which will save lives and costs due to heart disease. 

We have heard from Doctors like Ami Shah, a board certified and fellowship trained internal medicine physician who has practiced telemedicine for over 15 years, who believes whole heartily that Telemedicine is the future and at home remote monitoring is absolutely an integral part of the overall picture for optimal health and well-being. CB Scientific, Inc. is a great investment opportunity in my opinion, and one company that we think you should look at as a potential investment opportunity. Please read our full disclaimer and remember to always do your own research of all new investments. Good luck trading CBSC and thank you for reading. 


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