Debunking the Most Common Recruitment Myths That Exist Today

Despite the unemployment rate still being high, 60% of franchise brands and owners find it hard to hire enough workers to keep up with demand. The major problem is that businesses don’t want to just hire anyone.

For best results, businesses look to hire those who are qualified for the job, have passed all drug tests (such as those who undergo Omaha drug testing), and fit into their workplace culture. The right hire is out there and ready to work for your business, you just have to find them.

Recruitment agencies can help make this happen. Before you hire, keep reading to learn common recruitment myths.

Recruiters Aren’t Needed

One of the most common recruitment myths out there is that recruiters aren’t needed because jobs are already posted online. However, recruiters have access to job listings that aren’t posted online as well as those that are. If this process is done through a trusted and professional Recruitment agency Telford (or one in your location) company, the results can be astounding and really reflect in helping the business thrive.

Experienced recruiters like Alex Gotch work with top companies because it is an efficient way to find and hire qualified talent. Recruiters provide job accessibility not only for individuals looking for them but for businesses looking to hire too.

Recruiters Only Find Low-Level Jobs

A recruitment agency works with all types and levels of employment in a variety of industries. Although recruiters can find low-level jobs, that is not the only job type they work with.

Recruiters can work with companies who want to hire specialized talent or fill positions that require a complex skillset. Managers don’t have the same access to quality candidates as the best recruitment agency does.

Recruiters Decide Who Gets the Job

Even the best recruitment firm won’t decide who gets the job. If you hire a recruitment agency for your business, the power of hiring is still in your hands.

Companies and the hiring manager always make the final job placement decision. Recruiters do, however, play active roles in the hiring process that include screening resumes, preparing for interviews, and being the middleman of communication between candidates and companies.

Recruiters Recycle the Same Talent Pool

The recruitment industry gets a bad reputation for recycling the same talent pipeline. The truth is that recruiters are active in seeking out new candidates for various positions and companies.

As job requirements evolve, the talent pool from recruiters increases. Your business can rest assured that recruiters work hard to network and find the right candidate for your job opening.

AI Will Replace Recruiters

Although robots and AI technology have long been talked about when discussing job takeover, AI likely won’t replace recruiters.

What a lot of people outside of the industry don’t know is all of the work that goes into a recruiter’s job. They place candidates at companies that they know will work together well.

This involves more than understanding a resume and personality, you need to know a company’s culture as well. This is something AI technology can’t accomplish quite yet.

Recruitment Myths to Avoid for Business

If your company is considering hiring a recruitment agency, don’t let the hearsay stop you. These common recruitment myths are often talked about but are just that, myths.

Although some recruitment agencies won’t provide you with the best service, the overall industry is beneficial for all business types. Do thorough research to find a recruitment partner that fits your needs.

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