Effective Commercial Door Repair Tips

 If your door feels unstable or you can no longer stand the strange grinding noise when using it, it is time to seek commercial door repairs services.

 A commercial door is an essential item in your office or warehouse, and therefore there is a need to maintain it. If it’s not in good condition, your safety is at risk, especially if your workers use it regularly. There are routine tasks that can help you keep your garage door in excellent condition- such tasks enhance safety and help avoid future expensive repair costs. If the door is in poor condition and needs repairing or replacing, depending on the material you will need to find a company that deals with that specific product. For instance, if you’re looking for fiberglass repair, you can contact a similar company that deals with fiberglass doors here.

In this article, we’ve analyzed commercial door repair and maintenance tips that can save you money.

Effective Commercial Door Repair Tips

Clear the trucks

Cross-check the tracks on your commercial door and eliminate debris and rust, if any. If the door requires minor adjustments, you can fix that all by yourself. However, for the advanced adjustments, you should call a professional technician. That way, you’ll avoid messing up everything.

Lubricate the moving parts

A commercial door has several moving parts. If those areas are not well-lubricated, the door opener and the rollers will be inflexible, reducing their lifespan. Be sure to use a penetrating lubricant such as WD-40 on the rollers and the hinges. Before applying the lubricant, dry them thoroughly.

Check the cables and pulleys

During routine commercial door repairs and maintenance, don’t forget to check the cables and pulleys that attach the spring to your door. Also, avoid touching the cables and springs since those parts are high-tension. Only a professional should handle those parts.

However, you can inspect to see if there are damaged threads on the cable or any damage on the roller. In case of any problems in either of those parts, reach out to a service person for help.

Tighten up the Loose Bolts

Commercial doors move up and down countless times in a year. The repetitious motion and vibration may cause bolts to loosen up with time. If you realize some bolts are loose, you can call a technician to help you tighten them up. Alternatively, you can carry the task by yourself, provided you have a socket wrench.

Evaluate the commercial door’s balance

If the opener seems to work pretty hard, maybe the commercial doors are not correctly balanced. Such a scenario reduces their lifespan. The springs are meant to keep your door well balanced. That way, only a little effort will be needed to lift the door up.

Now that you’ve learned some commercial door repair tips, let’s look at the features that define the best commercial door repair company;

When it comes to repairing your commercial door, be sure to hire the best commercial door repair company since such doors are a huge investment for your business. These doors not only enhance safety in your business, but they reduce noise and create an aesthetic appeal to your business. Below are features to look for in the best company;

Reasonable pricing

Professional commercial door repairs give a reasonable estimation for both repair and installation services. That way, you’ll be in a position to set aside your repair budget. Commercial door repair services should not cost you a fortune and prevent you from meeting your other business financial needs.

Great customer service

Exceptional customer service is a must-have quality for professional companies. It should be the first thing you consider during a consultation or physical meeting. If they do not satisfy you with their customer service right from the beginning, that’s a red flag that they are not suitable for the service. Ensure your company of choice attends promptly to your concerns and that they provide satisfying feedback on questions asked.

Offer emergency services

If your commercial door isn’t in pleasant condition, that’s an emergency. That’s because your safety and that of your employees are at stake. Therefore, the problem needs to be fixed immediately. The best professionals should be readily available and their lines of communication accessible 24/7.

Highly experienced

The right commercial door specialist must have years of experience. That way, they’ll have acquired essential skills needed for complex repair tasks. With years of experience, your project will be in good hands. Also, select a company that offers you at least a one-year warranty.

Finally, regular maintenance of your commercial door is essential. It increases its durability and enhances safety. To achieve that, clear the trucks, lubricate the moving parts and tighten up any loose bolts. But for advanced repairs, look for professionals with such qualities as several years of experience, reasonable cost, readily available, and great customer service.