Finding and Selecting a Chartered Accountant


It can be difficult to get your search underway when you are looking for a new accountant or accountancy firm. There are lots of firms to choose from, but of course, not all of them offer the same types of service or quality of service. Starting your search as early as possible and being prepared to ask questions will help you make the right decision for your business or your finances. Breaking down the search into manageable sections will help you get the necessary information and answers.


Look at the Services Offered

Consider the services offered by an accountant, and ensure they offer the services you require. For instance, do you require guidance or support with bookkeeping services for a small business? Or do you need assistance to implement a financial plan or with longer-term financial planning? Establish what services you will require from an accountant and when. Some firms may have links with other service providers (if they do not offer the service you require), so remain open to this.


Where is the Accountants Firm Located

Even though you will have a lot of contact with an accountant over the phone or via virtual meetings, location is still important. When you have an accountant within your local area, you get another level of reassurance, and you begin to build a bond that should last many years. So, if you are based near Sheffield, then look for accountants in Sheffield. A local firm is going to save you a lot of stress and hassle, especially if documents or information are required at short notice. You do not want to travel for long periods just to attend a meeting or get urgent paperwork in before a tax deadline.


How Big is the Firm?

The size of the firm is important in terms of what it can offer you and how it is organized; are they big enough to offer you a variety of services, yet still small enough to care for and treat you like a valued individual? If a firm is too big, you can feel like a number, and you may feel like you get lost in the system. On the other hand, if a firm is too small, then it may not offer the services you require, and you may find that you have to wait longer for a response to your query.


Contact and Availability

Being able to contact an accountant and being able to get an appointment when you want is important. You do not want to wait for weeks to get an appointment or meeting with an accountant (simply because they are oversubscribed). Always reach out and make contact initially, see how responsive they are to your call and your enquiry. Do they answer the questions you have asked? If they are easy to contact and easy to get hold of, you will be able to build a lasting working relationship. If they do not return calls or answer emails, then consider taking your search elsewhere.