Four Marketing ideas you could use for your hairdresser salon

When you open your own hairdressing salon, marketing strategies may not be at the forefront of your mind. After all, surely the most important thing is to create beautiful cuts and styles that your customers will love? However, a strong marketing strategy is essential for getting your salon out there and building up a reputation and list of loyal customers. To help you create a strong, foolproof strategy, here are four marketing ideas you could use for your hairdresser salon.


  • Modeling photoshoots

Hairdressing is an art-form, and there is no better way of showing off your craft than through modeling photoshoots. Here, you can demonstrate your proficiency in all different parts of the hairdressing art, from cutting and styling to coloring and updos. You could organize a bi-annual shoot for the summer and winter seasons, each with a different theme, for instance, a bridal shoot to demonstrate hairstyles for prospective brides. The photographs from your shoots have many applications. Post them on your social media accounts, such as curating an album on Instagram, and create a seasonal brochure to be distributed to customers in your salon. 


  • Maximize your online presence

A solid online presence is essential for any business’s success, widening your potential customer pool way beyond your local area. However, many small business owners may not be making the most of their online presence. This may be because you lack the necessary knowledge, or simply because you do not have the time to spend hours online when there are clients to be seen to. A service like Local Insights will remove the stress of building your online presence, allowing you to focus on what you do best: cutting and styling hair. They will build your online profile for you, using methods such as managing your SEO and revamping your website, so that customers can easily find your salon. 


  • Coupons and loyalty cards

Many people like to keep on top of their hair as part of their grooming routine; however, regular trips to the salon for cuts and colors, and topping up with accompanying hair products, can soon become expensive, the result being that some customers could start to look for cheaper alternatives. Coupons and loyalty cards are great rewards for returning customers, helping them to save money. For instance, you could offer a coupon or discount code on certain popular products, like shampoo and conditioner, and provide loyalty cards whereby the customer will get their tenth cut at 50% off. 


  • Keep on top of trends

Hairdressing is a craft that involves both new trends and classic techniques; it is essential that you remain up-to-date while also keeping on top of your core cuts and styles. For instance, one customer might want a classic layered cut and voluminous blow-dry, whereas another might want balayage and mermaid waves. Constantly update your skillset and post photographs to your social media accounts to show prospective customers what you can do.