How to attach your Car To Company and make monthly income

How to attach your Car To Company and make monthly income

You have made up your mind for this business and if you are in the same queue then yes you can do it. But there are less people who find it useless but if you work with little hard work you will definitely going to earn form it then of course you can –

How to attach your Car To Company and make monthly income :

Attach your car to Ola

If you are thinking about this profession and taking your business ahead then ola is good option for you when you will attach your cars with Ola company they send messages to their driver partners. But if you are wondering that attaching your would be right decision or not then you should not doubt it because of course this will be right decision and it is going to give you advantage out of it. Ola cabs are giving profit of Rs 383.44 crore at every year, Uber India systems closed with Rs 374.79 core with advantage of Rs 28.84 crore. They charge between 15 to 20 percent commission from drivers.

Attach your car with Uber

So Uber is performing better it is also making good money, so it makes 16.86 commission which is good indeed.  Once you start earning yes then it will be always ahead way. At first you might struggle if you are thinking this then this is not the case as it will not be your responsibility to find customers it is the company they are going to do that for you and they are going to provide you so you can be free you will just have to provide your car.

Attach your car with travel agency

Yes this is one of best option you can do. You will have to research a little bit and you can see which one is suiting you and then you can go for it. There are also various travel agencies who are also looking for such opportunities and you can attach your car with that travel agency you can even do this if you have two cars you can attach it to different travel agencies and that is how you can earn money form that!

When you will be searching for travel agencies make sure they will be a recognised company and they will provide you honest service because there are fraud travel agencies too so take sure you also ask for their documents and other things so  that you can also keep yourself on safe zone.  Once when you will start earning from these travel agencies you can take your business ahead you can also establish this business to other cities too, when both the parties will start earning faith in each other this business can be taken ahead and this is how you can double your money as well as spread your business.

There are some steps which can help you how to do this how to get this chance if you are finding away how to catch car to Ola and Uber –

Step 1 – The every first thing any company will look is, is your car in good condition? If your car will be in good condition then you can go for further process but remember that you need to have commercial car (yellow plate)

Step 2 – Then you will have to hire a car driver for your car and he must have commercial license. Regular DL will be invalid.

Step 3 – Then you should have these documents and make sure you do not miss a single document mentioned here.

  1. Two photos
  2. Bank account details
  3. Two address proofs
  4. One Photo ID.

Some important documents of driver

  1. Two photos
  2. Commercial driving license
  3. One photo ID
  4. Two address proofs.

Vehicle important documents

  1. Make sure you have vehicle insurance
  2. Vehicle registration (RC book)
  3. Ghumasta/ NOC (shop registration)
  4. Tourist Permit (PCOT)
  5. Vehicle Fitness

Step 4

When you will have all the documents in your hand, you can visit at some close Ola office or Uber office. But when you are going to talk to the office make sure you are taking up that vehicle which you want to attach with them.  Then if they get ready you will have to submit all the documents, and then they will verify all the documents. This whole process is going to take up two hours.

Step 5

When you will be done with these processes then you will get a smart phone with Ola app and Uber installed. Then there will be an admin app for the owner of the car where you will be able in tracking the vehicle and this will be easy in knowing how many rides have done in a day. And you can also track how much driver has taken from the customer for each ride. In short you can track all the activities.

So now you are done with all the formalities Ola and Uber and Travel agencies for making money. Now, you are ready to proceed further with process that you are looking for.


So all over this facility are being provided and make sure you hire good drivers so that your customers do not get any trouble and they do not complaint because if even one driver will do this, it will spoil all of your business and it will ruin even your name before entering into the market but if you want to take your business ahead you will have to be careful and wise towards your decision.

All over this profession also could bring you good earning and then there will be no going back.  So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and all the best this business will not charge you much in fact this will take low investment from you but yeah you will have to be careful in this business. You will have to keep checking everything time to time and then you are ready to embark a new beginning. So all the best!