How to Build Loyalty in a Growing Team

It is harder to manage a growing team than a stable one. When new employees are coming in, the team’s dynamic constantly changes. What may have once been a capable group might turn into scattered employees that don’t get on well. This, of course, must be avoided, so read on to learn how to build loyalty in a growing team. 

Offer Excellent Benefits 

Your first step is to ensure every team member is well looked after, and that includes offering great benefits. With excellent benefits, employees will come to the role with a much more positive mindset. Not only will this boost morale, but it will also help ensure new hires stick around. When it comes to building loyalty in a growing team, retention is crucial. 

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Encourage Teamwork 

When you hire somebody new, don’t just assign individual tasks. Instead, bring the team together by coming up with team projects and ice breakers. That way, everyone can get to know each other on a more personal level, resulting in a more settled team. When new staff feel comfortable around their staff mates, they are more likely to stay loyal to the company. 

Keep Everyone Updated 

You shouldn’t bring in a swarm of new employees without informing your current ones. That will only create distrust and will interrupt the flow of the workday. Instead, keep everybody up to date with who will be working there. Let the team know when you are hiring, interviewing, and when they can expect to see some new faces about the place. Open communication will help everyone feel connected. 

Get the Team Involved in the Hiring Process

Suddenly changing the atmosphere by introducing new employees could harm some of your previously settled employees’ loyalty. To avoid this, get more people involved in the hiring process. It is beneficial for both parties – it helps the team feel involved while helping you determine the best candidate

Create a Comfortable Workspace 

People have more loyalty to places where they feel comfortable, which is why you should focus on a great workspace. When new hires walk through the door, they will be more likely to stick around if the place is inviting. Don’t ignore your current team, though – make sure everyone has a comfortable space to work that promotes productivity and teamwork. 

Be Open to Employee Feedback 

When growing a team, the chances are you will receive more feedback than usual. It is common – your current team might have something to say about the change in dynamic, and the new hires might be encouraged to give feedback about their onboarding process. It’s essential to be open to all feedback and reflect on the things that are said. When employees feel listened to, they are more likely to give their loyalty.  

Don’t Ignore Conflict 

Workplace conflict can kill creativity, team projects, and staff morale. Even minor issues may grow into something later unsolvable. If you notice any sort of problem going on, you must address it as soon as possible. With new hires entering the workplace, it is crucial to stay alert, as you don’t want any team member to get the impression that the workplace is a hostile environment. You want everyone to feel welcome. 

Be Transparent 

Transparency is one of the best ways to build loyalty in a team. Whatever is happening with the business, whether that’s recruitment or a change in structure, it’s crucial to be open about it to all team members. By doing so, you ensure everyone feels part of the team, boosting their desire to stick around and stay loyal. Plus, openness begets openness – you will find that by being transparent with employees, they are more likely to come to you with issues.

Hire Loyal People

Hiring loyal people isn’t exactly an easy task, but it is required to build a loyal team. Here are some qualities to look out for when screening candidates: 

. Loyalty to a previous employer 

. Excellent work experience 

. Great recommendations 

. A genuine passion for the company 

The more loyal people you hire, the more loyal the team becomes. Not only that, but by ensuring you hire only the best, you improve the chances of them settling in well with your current team. 

Your overall goal when growing a team is to make sure everyone fits in well. By making the experience as positive as possible, you promote loyalty from all employees – new and old alike.