How to Make Money on Wattpad ?

Do you have good writing skills? Are you interested to write stories and books for earning money? Then, do not need to worry as you are in the right place where we are going to explore an option that is beneficial from a money-making point of view. So, Wattpad takes initiative towards writers by providing them earning options through their monetization programs.  Here, we are going to explore some ways through which you can earn some money through Wattpad. This is the best answer to the question of How to Make Money on Wattpad

How to Make Money on Wattpad


What is Wattpad?

As it is hinted from the site, Wattpad is a website that is designed to generate traffic by writing short stories and books that are relevant to customer’s interests. As we all know that the internet is evolving and here are some big companies such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube pay people to generate quality content on their sites. As similar to these platforms, Wattpad provides an option for its users to produce content such as fiction and non-fiction to make money from their stories.

In 2020, Wattpad is trying to increase its tie-ups with brands as it has seen in partnership with T-Series, Harper Collins, Universal, Aleph Publishing, Graphic India, Penguin Random House, and Teach for India. The goal of Wattpad is to connect people from across the world by availing entertaining content through different stories.     

Wattpad Futures

This is a program where that displays video ads on stories that they think are significant and knowledgeable for the readers and they can happily watch the ad for thirty seconds. This program is best to pick up for people who want to earn money with the count of views on their stories and fewer writers are there on this program. This one is like a YouTube Creators program where people get paid for the number of views on their video.

This is the best pick up for the short fiction as well as non-fiction writers to earn some money. If you want to earn more money, then it would be better to write erotica as they have a huge number of views with around 300 million views and the majority of them are based on Erotica. 

Wattpad Coins

This one is the new feature as some of the stories on the Wattpad homepage marked with a start and it allows the readers to read the story by purchasing some coins from the site. So, the writers provide their stories to the readers for reading if they buy a coin and pay the same to the writer. So, people who are interested to read this book are easily grabbing it by paying coins as needful. In this way, the writers make some money from their both short fiction as well as non-fiction books. It is an amazing way to read interesting content and support the writers.

If you want to get more number of readers who can read your story, then create an email list of interested people and redirect them to any social platform where you are posting your stories and people stay active. Also, do not forget to recommend them to your Wattpad profile.   

Buy me a coffee

This is a better program for making money through Wattpad by displaying a video of more than 30 seconds that does not seem interesting to the readers and annoying them. Thus, chunks of loyal fans can suggest to you what you do and give some valuable tactics as a buy me a coffee as compared to any other way. Do it for free and let the people get impressed with your writing skills. 

Wattpad stories

This feature is designed to discover some original stories and use them for publishing and entertainment. The TV and film industry is always looking for some fresh as well as appealing stories and nothing is better than Wattpad. The editorial team of Wattpad assesses the stories by looking at things like usage of vocabulary, words, and structure of sentences to determine whether the story is similar to that of top-rated stories in various genres. This will assist them to find some new stuff that has the potential to be a part of TV, digital media, and the publishing industry. 

Wattpad Books

Are you interested to launch your book? Do you want to earn some money through it? Then, this way out is best for you with a handsome amount. As Wattpad books launched last year in January, it provides the writers to publish their stories online and shed light on the content along with diverse voices.

You need to do one thing and that is to focus on writing a book and continue with your book writing. When you continue to build up your stories on this platform, then you will get a chance to collaborates words properly and grab the attention of the readers. With the number of engagements, you will get to know what types of stories are they interested in and what characters are appealing to them. When there is a growth in the count of readers, then this is the best time to discover an editorial team of Wattpad. 

Product Affiliate 

This is a kind of money-making idea that you can use by adding affiliate links but if you have mentioned any product within the story then add the link from Amazon or Clickbank. This will help you out to make money when any buyer purchases the product. Pick up the one that has favorable reviews as the shoppers get attracted to the products that have a large number of positives as compared to negatives. They get easily impressed with the number of sales as well as reviews.    

Final thought

You cannot make money from Wattpad overnight. Do not except streams of money after writing a book and then publish the same on this platform. You need to stay patient, consistent and perseverance if you want to earn money from Wattpad.  Hope you got answer for the Question How to Make Money on Wattpad ?  Please leave your thoughts in the below comments

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