How to Sell Your Home Yourself ?

home for sale
Now a days Real estate agents commissions are running as high as 2% to 10% on final home sale price, and many home sellers looking at slim profits or losses, it’s tempting to sell your home by yourself . But you need to know many things to do that , Please follow these Steps to Sell Your home by Yourself

Make it appealing to the Viewers who want to Buy the property :
When you want to Sell your home in the market, making it clean is the first step. clean and de-clutter, store the family photos, fix the loose doorknob and slap a fresh coat of neutral coloured paint on the walls.

The knowledge about the cost of property in the neighbourhood is very crucial. You may choose to walk around finding out how other homes are selling. This will also give you some light even when you are putting ads for the sale. Visit any real estate agency and ask them to tell about any properties in the surrounding areas to know the market price . After enquiring neighbours and real estate agency come to the estimated price and most importantly don’t be greedy . Ignore your emotional attachment to the property when setting an asking price.

Place your Home for Sale ad:
When you are checking out all possible property for sale listings, you also get the platforms to advertise your sale. Put ads on your home , put on ads on the internet as prospective buyers start their searches online. Upload clear and high resolution photos on the online listings, as well as the brochures. Give your proper mobile number so that Buyers can contact your directly and while dealing dont be greedy and provide them all the information they requested . Take high resolution pictures and film a video of your house to post with your online listings.

Hire a real estate lawyer:
Even though it is an additional expense, it may be wise to hire a lawyer who will protect your interests throughout the entire transaction. An experienced real estate lawyer can help you evaluate complicated offers , act as an escrow agent to hold the down payment, evaluate complex mortgages and leases with options to buy, review contracts and handle your home’s closing process. They can also tell you what things, by law, you must disclose to buyers prior to a sale and can also help you avoid inadvertently discriminating against any potential buyers.

Hold an Open House :
You can also hold an open house to advertise the sale of your home. Advertise for the open house by posting signs in your neighborhood. Have some brochures available and set out about the home that visitors can take with them as they leave.

Follow these tips very carefully , with proper marketing Selling your house at your expected price is not at all a big deal . Dont be Greedy and have Some Patience . Also you can search for Real Estate agency who takes less commission from the owner and more from the buyer  in your surrounding areas .