How to Start Mobile Oil Change Business

Mobile oil change business is one such business which can give you ample ways to earn and grow your business. If you have thoughts starting it as start up then you need to preplan for it.

How to Start Mobile Oil Change Business

Registration and license

The very first rule of starting up any business is that getting registered properly. On the other hand finding out license for that business! You can get these things from your local and state authorities for getting permissions for the license and all the legal papers. Although, for starting up oil change business does not need any license! But still you can confirm it once. It becomes important knowing about transport, recycling and disposal of waste oil which cost less than 55 gallons.

Tools and oils

Now this becomes necessary to know about all of these things. There will ne need of standard or synthetic car oil and other fluids. You will have to make purchases of pressure/ vacuum system from a well known brand. Alternatively there will be need of dipstick tubes of many sizes, hoses and barrel straws for vacuuming fluids. These equipment are mandatory thing. You will need other basic tools such as washer fluid, radiator, drop cloths, ramps, jacks, antifreeze air cleaners, flushing machines, oil tanks, oil drank buckets etc.  There are two companies which are supplying tools since so long with much faith and quality and these are – Sage oil vac and Lube ‘n Go. You can even find others in this group. In addition to these things, you may also wish to provide protective equipment, such as gloves that you have bought Via Unigloves, for your employees so they can work safely and, hopefully, minimize the amount of oil that they get on themselves.


So this also becomes important to have when you are going to start this business of oil change. When you will be changing oil the vehicle will be needed there. Although, this depends on your need, budget, operating weight and the gallon capacity (but if you keep it this will be good for you)! The need of vehicle will always be there so suggestion would be to buy it.


If you are keeping more than one oil changing vehicle then it becomes necessary to hire and train employees. In the starting period keeping two or three will work. But as your business grows up you can double he employees. The other thing which will be challenging for you in his business! When you are going to hire employees you will need to train your employees otherwise your oil will get wasted.


Insurance is of course a life giver. If someday your business gets in unwanted issues. That will be the time when this insurance will give your oil changing business one more life. However now a -days people already get done with these things. So you also better do it before you think you should have had done.

Business expansion

This business will sure take some time. There is not any magic which can plant in a day or grow it second day. Everything takes time. You must be patience with yourself as well as with your customers. All the best! You can start your business even on loan. With time it will grow.


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