Why Should we Increase Credit Limit For Credit Card ?

Most of the finance experts advise people to not to opt for credit cards. They consider it as a curse for a normal person. Well, it has proved so in many cases, but it’s actually not so. There are many people who know how to make use of credit card effectively, and thus they make perfect use of it. Let us see the benefits of increasing Credit limit on Credit Card :


Multiple credit cards are no more needed

It’s easier to carry a single credit card with a high credit limit than carrying multiple credit cards with low credit limits. You’ll need to track only a single card and use it as per your requirements. In addition, you are also less likely to forget your payment deadlines if it’s just one card that you need to monitor.

Easy to Improve Your Credit Score

If you are looking to improve your credit score, then increasing your credit limit can help you for sure. If your current credit limit is low and you are asking a big portion of the limit every month, then obviously, your credit score will be low because of your risk in paying future payments. If you have credit limit of  1000 bucks  and you are using 900 bucks every month, then your credit score is most likely to be low as you are spending around 90 percent of your total limit. Therefore, in order to improve your credit score, you should look forward in increasing your credit limit.

Increases your rewards potential

People who spend heavily on their credit card increase their potential to get some serious reward points or cash back. Using a debit card or cash in lieu of a credit card means that you might be missing out on these rewards.

Emergency Situations

There’s nothing more useful than a credit card with a high limit when you face a financial emergency. You won’t have to depend on your friends and family members for the much-needed money

It is safe to say that having a higher credit limit has more ups than downs. However, it is still necessary to constantly remind yourself not to get carried away with the amount of credit available to you.