Interesting facts about COVID19 testing

Following the increasing number of coronavirus infections in the US, every individual ought to get tested on time whenever they have come in contact with an infected person. Early testing will ensure that the patient gets the necessary medical attention, thus increasing the recovery chances. Primex Labs aim to provide individuals with the necessary information that they need to know about coronavirus testing.

Interesting facts about COVID19 testing

Decisions that were made immediately after the outbreak of the disease might have contributed to the increased number of coronavirus cases in the country. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) had a particular criterion about the people who needed to be tested first for the coronavirus at that time.

The testing was to be done on individuals that had lower respiratory symptoms and fever. It was also a priority to test an individual who had recently traveled abroad especially if the area is a hot-spot for the virus. If a person made contact with someone who had traveled to a high-risk area or one who had the COVID symptoms, they had to be tested.

This criterion could have resulted in the widespread of the disease among other populations. For instance, a patient in California tested positive for the disease, yet they had not been exposed to the disease. The case led to the CDC authorizing the testing of hospitalized patients that presented with fever and a respiratory illness.

This raises the question of how much delay in testing contributed to the current spread of the disease. Clinicians were then advised to carry out the test on anyone that they found necessary to have the test. If this measure was implemented from the moment the first case was recorded in the US, what are the chances that the country would currently be experiencing fewer cases?

Given the high numbers of coronavirus cases, it is too late to play blame games. What matters most is for you to protect yourself from the disease. Such is best done by observing all the protocols that have been issued by the CDC. If you suspect that you have come into contact with a sick person, get tested as soon as possible. Also, if you experience any symptoms, don’t hesitate to take the coronavirus test. Testing locations provide clinical diagnostic testing services to a huge number of people. Your health matters a lot and therefore, safeguard it by getting tested.

The current trend of the coronavirus cases is worrying. It indicates a possibility where medical practitioners will be overwhelmed by a large number of patients. a vaccine for the disease is yet to be developed. Therefore, it is necessary for every person to protect themselves from getting the disease. In the case of recovered patients, they also need to protect themselves from a second infection. If they recovered the first time, it is not a guarantee that they will recover again. The CDC is working its level best to reduce the rate at which the disease is spreading. In that case, people need to play their part and stay safe.