How to Make Money with a Minecraft Server ?

How to Make Money with a Minecraft Server

Are you a gamer? Or do you have any interest in the gaming industry? Then, this article is beneficial for you as we are going to share info related to how to make money with the Minecraft server. This is the popular game in the field of gaming with about 100 million people who are currently playing this game every month. But the thing is that not all the servers are making money but the popular ones are earning about $100K each month. 

So, if you want to earn money through gaming, then you can combine your passion for gaming with the extra earnings. For instance, you can browse around this website for information about how to set up a personal Minecraft server. Read below to know more about the ways that will help us to make money.

Interesting way to make money with Minecraft Server

A commercial product of Microsoft is known as Minecraft and it has a lot of specific terms relating to how to make money with Minecraft Server. No one never charges people to get accessibility of the server and cannot charge even a single penny that will affect the gameplay as known as pay to play. So, if you would like to run a server, then you need to bit clever about the money-making server of Minecraft.

Acceptance of donation

Donations are accepted by large servers. This one is another way and number one source of revenue for the Minecraft server. People do donations with their happiness when the servers are well-maintained. 

Gather membership fees

The membership fee is similar to that of server access fee but it has given choices to people of access duration. The membership fee is based on week, months, and years based upon the time for which they want to access the gaming server. But you need to charge the same for all players. The annual fee is the least option in all Minecraft gaming servers.

Sell Digital Merchandise 

As it is mentioned earlier, it is not allowed to make profits from the Minecraft gaming server. But you are permitted to sell gaming merchandise as long as it does not affect the pay for play. There are some specific rules in Mojang. For instance, selling capes is not acceptable as this is rewarded by Minecraft and needs players to fulfill the specific conditions. 

You need to accept payments if you want to sell in-game merchandise and make a game inventory.


You can get funding through the sponsors for Minecraft gaming server in return you need to promote their products as well as services among players on the server. Do proper research and find out the perfect sponsor. You can easily find a lot of companies that can fund your server. Mjong does not allow any advertising, so here is the time where the website works better. You can easily promote as well as market the sponsor’s products on the website. Sponsorship is the easy and best way to get funding for the Minecraft server. 

Get ready to make money with Minecraft Server and grow your love for gaming.