Making The Most Of Your Older Technology

Companies that have been around for a long time usually find that transitioning to new technology can be very expensive. It is for that reason that companies such as AveriSource help companies to make the most of the technology they have. While repurposing or updating equipment is not necessarily cheap, it is still much less expensive that moving all of the company data to a new platform.

Making The Most Of Your Older Technology

The as400

When corporate databases and inter-company digital communication was just starting to become popular, the as400 was the machine everyone used. Over time, companies had all of their data stored on an as400 and most of their important communication came through these machines as well. In certain areas of data storage and digital communication, it is necessary to upgrade to new equipment. But there are as400 modernization companies that can keep that old as400 useful and prevent a major expense for the company.

Floppy Discs

In their heyday in the 1980s, there were millions of floppy discs in circulation around the corporate world. While you would expect that floppy discs would be gone since there are no longer floppy drives, you would be wrong. Companies still use floppy discs for proprietary applications and you can still buy floppy disc drives to use at home if you want.

Fax Machines

Years ago, technology was created that seamlessly allowed faxed data to be transmitted between computers instead of using fax machines. But if you go into the IT centers of many large corporations these days, you will still see banks of fax machines working away. These machines are also popular with telemarketing and telephone sales companies as well.

Handheld Tape Recorders

Micro handheld tape recorders are not only familiar to people in the corporate world, but they are also famous for their many roles in movies and television shows. While the idea of carrying around a small tape recording device can seem archaic to some people, the corporate world still uses these devices on a regular basis.

Windows XP

Since 2001, Microsoft has released several new versions of their Windows operating system that you will find on corporate computers all over the country. But if you look closely, you will see that many corporate machines are still operating under Windows XP, which was released in 2001. Microsoft no longer supports the operating system, which is why companies are careful to hire IT techs who can take care of any XP problems.

Technology moves forward, but that does not mean that the corporate world has to keep pace. The average person would be surprised at just how much old technology is being used in the corporate world of today.

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