Marketing For Success And Growth: HVAC Industry

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business’s success. For your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) enterprise to reach the levels you desire, you must find ways to attract new customers.  As an example, you may want to take a look at the scorpion hvac marketing strategy.

With the ever-growing advancement of technology and smarter ways of working, you can only really compete effectively in the marketplace if you equal or exceed your level of investment in this, to elevate your chances of success.  

An HVAC marketing strategy that not only targets prospects online, but also looks to improve their experience goes a long way to enhancing your overall success. A simple example of this might be to include a link to your social media profile from your customer communication channels through business management software like Jobber. This way, you can incentivize current customers to leave a review to attract new business further down the line.  Customers can also easily share your details if they want to refer you to anyone they know. 

Here are some more highly effective marketing tips to grow your HVAC business:

  • Employ social media

Today, there are about four billion active users on social media with an account on at least one of the big sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. It’s no surprise then with so many users, that companies from around the globe are tapping into this market and doing so successfully. As an entrepreneur, there is a lot of scope to create considerable business opportunity through a well thought out and targeted social media campaign. (1)

So, how will you make social media work for you? First, you need to understand your target market and who they are. An answer to this question will give you an idea of the people you need to speak to and which social media platform they will most likely be found on. You may wish to trial each platform in the beginning to get a gauge for what will work best for you.  

When creating your social media profiles, include as much information about your company as possible. Adding a ‘call to action’ link to a contact us form is also advisable, so potential customers can quickly see what it is you offer and request a job estimate. The easier you make these things to find, the greater your chances of converting as many prospects as possible. Use templates to make this easier for you such as Jobber’s professional HVAC invoice template.

  • Create a modern website

Another marketing tip that will ensure that your business stands out from the rest is building an informative and user-friendly business website that performs well on mobile. The internet continues to transform the way people live their lives today. Bear in mind, however, that a website does require continual investment of time and money to maintain. (2) 

So, what are some things you can consider to make your website engaging? The design needs to be easy to navigate, load quickly and be mobile friendly. A mobile-friendly website will give you a better chance of appearing among the top results in the search engine results pages, and generating organic qualified traffic. 

  • Invest in pay-per-click advertising

If you find you aren’t getting results as quickly as you’d like from your organic search marketing tactics, then you might want to consider pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This method generates inorganic traffic, with the marketer or business owner having to pay a fee for every click gained. In addition, links to your website will always appear on top of any HVAC-related search once your advertising campaign is on. This can increase the number of people visiting your website every day, which can significantly impact on daily sales. (3)


Investing in your HVAC business is one thing, but increasing brand awareness and generating new leads is where many people fail. If you’re in a similar situation, it’d be prudent that you employ social media techniques to capture the attention of prospects on various platforms. In addition, you should build and increase the value of your website and invest in inorganic traffic generation techniques like pay-per-click advertising.  


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