Necessary Paperwork You Need to Know Before Buying a Used Motorcycle

Necessary Paperwork You Need to Know Before Buying a Used Motorcycle

Owning a bike is a special feeling for many. With our own bikes, we feel free to discover new roads and destinations by ourselves. However, our dream bikes may sometimes be slightly out of our price range and not fit our budget. But this shouldn’t stop us from pushing for our lifelong dreams. We can always opt for a used motorcycle. A second-hand bike means we can own our dream bike at a fraction of the cost.  

While getting a used bike can be an economical option, you should safeguard it too. You can ensure the safety of your bike with a two-wheeler insurance policy. With used bike insurance, your bike will be protected from unfortunate events like theft, accidents and natural disasters. To get a suitable two wheeler insurance policy, you must analyze your insurance requirements first and select a plan carefully. 

Insurers have provided the two-wheeler insurance premium calculator on their websites to help customers make a suitable decision. Using the calculator can help you compare different two-wheeler insurance policies and choose the most suitable one for yourself. 

Apart from the insurance policy, you will also need a few more documents while purchasing a used motorcycle. Getting these documents will help you in making a smooth purchase. 

Some of the necessary paperwork that you will need before purchasing a used motorcycle

1. Insurance certificate

The bike insurance certificate is an absolute necessity to drive on Indian roads. If you don’t hold an insurance certificate, your vehicle will not be registered with the RTO. Therefore, getting the current insurance certificate for the bike from the person selling the bike before finalizing the deal is crucial. 

Once you have procured the certificate, you should contact your insurer for transferring the ownership to yourself. If the policy has lapsed, you can get the bike insurance policy renewal or get a new policy. Insurance companies have made the renewal process quite easy for customers. 

For instance, you can now renew bike insurance with TATA AIG by visiting their official website and following a few simple steps

2 . Registration Certificate (RC) Card

The RC book is proof of ownership. It is issued by the RTO after registering the owner’s name in their records. You should check the original RC card to satisfy yourself that the person selling is the legal owner and that the vehicle is not a stolen or off-market one. 

You must verify the RC card for all the important details like the previous owner’s name, chassis number, engine and other information. The details available on the certificate must match the specifications of the bike. You can even cross-check the genuineness with the records in the RTO. If the bike were bought through a loan, the RC would hold a bank lien. 

In this situation, you should have Form 35 stamped along with the No Objection Certificate document from the financial institution that holds information regarding the loan’s clearance. After you buy a used bike you should transfer the RC in your name by endorsing the RC card.

3. PUC certificate

The Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate is another crucial document you should check before purchasing an old motorcycle. It is compulsory for all bike owners in the country to hold a valid PUC. The certificate will indicate that the two-wheeler’s emission levels are within the standards. The two-wheeler will get a PUC after the emission test. This document will hold the certificate’s serial number, license plate number, test date, expiry date and test readings. You will need to provide this certificate if the officials ask you during routine checks. 

4. Road tax certificate

Before purchasing a used motorcycle, you should get the road-tax certificate from the seller. The road tax is generally paid either yearly or as a single payment to the RTO. This document should be submitted to the RTO to register the transfer of ownership or when shifting out of a state. The road tax certificate shows that there are no road tax dues.  

5. Sales receipt

The signed sales receipt should be obtained from the seller. The invoice for the sale of the bike from the authorized dealer should also be obtained.

6. Transfer deed

You must get the transfer deed signed by the seller. It indicates the sale and transfer of the vehicle’s ownership from the seller to the buyer. This document is also evidence that the seller does not have any dues on the bike. The transfer deed contains the chassis number, engine number, registration number and crucial information of both the buyer and seller.  

Thus, if you’re planning to buy a used bike, get the documentation right. You will have to provide these documents to your insurance company when purchasing/renewing the two-wheeler insurance policy. Having these documents will save you a lot of trouble in future. 

Some Commonly Asked Queries

  1.         What documents are required to buy a second-hand bike?

If you’re planning to purchase a second-hand bike, you will need the insurance certificate, RC book, sales receipt, PUC certificate, road-tax certificate and transfer deed.

  1.   What is the procedure to buy a second-hand bike?

After evaluating the bikes available, you should choose the one that matches your requirements and budget. Then get the required documents for conducting a smooth transfer of ownership. 

  1. What should we check before buying a bike?

You must check the involved documents, like the RC book, bike insurance, PUC, Warranty, etc. Along with this, you must also look at the bike’s condition before purchasing it. Finally, conducting a test drive of the bike is also an important aspect. 

  1. Can I sell a bike without documents? 

No, you cannot sell a bike without the required documents. The documents will act as legal proof of the transfer of ownership. Therefore, you must sell your bike once the required document transfers and paperwork are conducted.