4 Steps to Planning a Successful Office Move

4 Steps to Planning a Successful Office Move

Relocating your office can be a nightmare and many business owners worry about the impact that moving will have on productivity and revenue. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get your team on board with your move and ensure that business operations continue to run efficiently. Here are four steps to planning a successful office move.

Step 1: Create a moving plan

Most office moves are planned at least six months in advance, although large office moves can take significantly longer. Once you have decided to move, you must create a detailed office moving plan to help guide and organize your relocation. Make sure you include a checklist of essential moving tasks and create an accurate timeline with deadlines to complete each task. You should also decide who is going to oversee the move and assign an office moving team. Appoint a moving coordinator who will be responsible for overseeing the process and assign employees different moving tasks. 

Step 2: Discuss the move with your team

You should notify your employees of your office move as soon as the decision has been made. According to gethppy.com, you should aim to give your staff a notice period of between two and six months. Hold an office meeting to tell your team about the relocation. Make sure you provide your employees with all the information they will need including the expected move date, details of the new office premises, facilities, etc. 


Be honest with your team about the reasons behind the move and emphasize that it is a positive step for your company. You should provide your team with regular updates on the moving process and try to get employees involved whenever possible. Once you have moved, consider hosting a company party to celebrate your relocation and reward employees for their support. 

Step 3: Hire professional movers 

Hiring a commercial moving company will ensure that your office relocation is smooth and stress-free. Professional movers will have the tools and expertise to ensure that your office equipment is transported to your new business premises safely. This means you can have confidence that any expensive equipment, including computers and other electronics, will not be damaged during the move. Having the assistance of professional movers such as Atlanta Home Movers LLC will also mean that your employees can spend more time focusing on their core work tasks. This will help to reduce the effect on productivity levels during and after the move.

Step 4: Plan your new office space 

Planning your new office space will help to ensure that your office move is successful and reduce any impact on productivity and revenue. Request a detailed floor plan of your new business premises so that you can start planning the office layout. You need to decide where workstations are going to be positioned, where office equipment will be located, etc. Use your office move as an opportunity to improve any issues that you have in your current office. For instance, position desks in a way that will increase productivity and engagement. 


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