The Best European Countries to Purchase a Holiday Home

Have you ever thought about purchasing a holiday home in Europe? If so, you will know that there is a lot to consider. It’s not as simple as browsing the web, finding a luxury villa, and and making an offer. You need to know that the holiday home caters to your needs. After all, if you’re spending all that money, you want to be sure you’ll get plenty of use out of it! One of the biggest decisions you need to make is where to buy the vacation home. Europe has a lot of countries – some hotter, cheaper, and more accessible than others. To help you pick the right country for your vacation home, here are some great ideas.


Spain is a popular holiday home destination for a reason. It’s hot, with plenty of beaches, cities, and exquisite scenery to go around. One of the best locations in Spain to purchase a holiday home is the stunning Costa Del Sol in Southern Spain. You can find a lovely property for sale in Malaga, with tons of beautiful local beaches, picturesque towns, boutiques, golf courses, bars, and more nearby. It caters to anyone, including families looking for a great family holiday destination, as well as retiring couples wanting some peace and quiet. Of course, Spain has plenty of other fantastic areas to purchase holiday homes, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!


Greece is a country full of rich history and small islands. The islands are known for their unparalleled beauty, golden sandy beaches, and deep blue seas. Why not check out some of the holiday homes for sale on the Greek Island of Milos? This island sits in the Aegean sea, boasting delicious seafood restaurants, interesting history, fascinating caverns, and even a volcanic landscape. It’s the perfect place to purchase a villa if you want to live that slowed-down, relaxed lifestyle. As a bonus, the villas there are very affordable compared to many other European countries.


If you’re looking for an affordable, expat-friendly, sunny location for your holiday home, you cannot do much better than Portugal. Portugal is a beautiful, mild country that has plenty on offer. You might like the idea of buying a place near Lisbon, where you can enjoy the mixture of bustling city life and beautiful ocean views. Or, you may prefer somewhere a little more slow-paced, like the Algarve, where many tourists enjoy summer vacations. Wherever you go in Portugal, expect great music, port wine, delicious seafood, and a love of football!


Who wouldn’t want to own a holiday property in Italy? Italy is known for many things – pizza, ancient cities, gorgeous mountains, sunny weather, sprawling vineyards, enchanting towns, and art. You will find beauty in every corner of Italy, and you’ll never be lacking friendly company or great food! However, if you’re looking for places that truly take your breath away, consider looking for holiday homes in Lake Como, Tuscany, Venice, or Lake Maggiore.

Buying a vacation home in Europe provides a place to stay whenever you feel like leaving the country. Plus, you could even rent the property out when you’re not staying there as an extra income! Consider one of the above locations for your European holiday home, and you are sure to enjoy your slice of luxury in the world.