The Ins and Outs of Easy Pay Direct Payment Processing

The Ins and Outs of Easy Pay Direct Payment Processing

Easy Pay Machines are being found in more places. This is because retailers are realising just how convenient they are for them and their customers. They are attracting extra customers who want to use their credit cards in preference to other payment methods that have become outdated.

Covid times have made us all less likely to want to handle money in its coin and paper form. There are many people now that will not go back to their old ways and will continue to pay by credit card wherever possible. It is for retailers to make this possible by investing in systems such as Easy Pay Direct – payment processing.

How Does Easy Pay Direct Work?

Easy Pay Direct is a power payment processing system that allows retailers and other traders to process credit cards, electronic cheques, and ACH transactions. ACH stands for automated clearing house and exists as a US computer-based network for processing transactions electronically. These transactions will typically be domestic ones that are of low value and between financial institutions that are participating in the scheme.

The Easy Pay Direct technology will allow its users, in whatever location, to perform email invoicing, batch uploading, have recurring billing facilities and have access to the online payment forms required to collect customer or client payments.


Credit card payments made through an Easy Pay Direct terminal are secure because Easy Pay Direct has been PCI DSS certified. This means that all the credit card information and recurring payments stored in its system are compliant and secure. Also, this means that any merchant in the scheme and using the system will be PCI compliant too.

An advantage of using the Easy Pay Direct terminal is that credit cards eliminate the kinds of security risks that cash is unable to. This provides benefits to the customer and the business when it comes to either carrying cash around or having it on-premises still to be banked. The inconvenience of having lots of change or larger till floats can be eliminated.


Easy Pay Direct is a system that allows for payments to be accepted anywhere. This makes it an extremely versatile tool for retailers and a friend of the customer. Nobody wants to have to carry around lots of cash, which is not just a security risk but bulky too. We just want to take out a credit card from our wallet and use that for payment. People are much more trusting of credit cards than they used to be and now have online banking facilities to be able to view what transactions are going out of their bank daily.

In the past, we would only see traders in shops offering credit card paying facilities. But now, with the Easy Pay Direct systems, payments can be taken in a field or any location outside of the high street. Those offering mobile services such as mechanics and hairdressers can take payments from their customers on the spot. Payment is instant. This aids cash flow for businesses.

In summary, all we need to know about Easy Pay Direct systems that process credit cards is that the more we embrace them, the more our customers will as well. Many customers now expect to see them and those that don’t are starting to warm to these methods of payment. This is because they are so convenient and the payments are being made secure. This is giving confidence to those that were previously undecided about them and slow to move to the new technology. These machines from a retailer perspective make managing the accounts easier and are more secure than having a lot of cash to bank at the end of the day.

So, whether you are a retailer or a customer, check out Easy Pay Direct and see just how easy taking or making a payment can be in a world that is constantly changing in a lot of ways, including financial ones.

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