This is the Year to Achieve Your Dreams: Four Hot Markets to Buy a Restaurant in Canada Right Now

Canada is a land of diversity, prosperity, and endless opportunity: it’s no wonder so many are exploring the entrepreneurial possibilities in this beautiful country with friendly people and business-friendly possibilities. In the world’s top ten economies, the Great White North only continues to grow in population and reputation, and that growth spells excellent prospects for restaurateurs. 

For those who love hospitality and cuisine, being the owner of your own restaurant is a dream come true, but you might have shied away from this possibility because of the high costs of starting a business. However, there’s a much better way to get to your goals than building a restaurant from the ground up: purchasing a restaurant through a business marketplace site. By purchasing an existing business, you can skip some of the most difficult parts of business ownership, such as purchasing equipment, finding great vendors, and hiring staff. Plus, by using a business marketplace site, you can see all your options and make the perfect choice for your needs.

Business marketplace sites make it easier than ever to become a restaurateur

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of great cities in which to buy a restaurant, let’s consider how to do this – and why a business marketplace site is the best option available to achieve entrepreneurial success.

In decades past, it was almost impossible to hear about business sales, as sellers were concerned that announcing their intentions might scare away employees and customers. While those looking to divest still remain quiet about this information, they still share the news through specialized channels: business marketplace sites. Here, they can attract bids without unwanted attention, which means that you can be on the cutting edge of any opportunity by searching business marketplace sites for exactly what you’d like to buy. 

Now that we understand exactly where to find out about ready-to-purchase restaurants all throughout Canada, let’s examine some of the best markets to become a bona fide business owner.

Surrey, British Columbia

Near the US-Canada border sits Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver and the second-largest city by population in the entire province. With a highly diverse community, Surrey can happily accommodate restaurants of every flavor. A search of businesses on the market shows that food services of all traditions flourish here, from a hot slice of pizza to a spicy curry. South Asians constitute the largest demographic in Surrey, with an impressive 22.7% of the population speaking Punjabi as their first language: that means the market for Indian food specifically is enormous and will only continue to grow.

Even better, 27% of the city’s land is devoted entirely to agriculture, meaning that you can source local ingredients, which saves you on transportation and is an amazing selling point for customers. 

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Beautiful British Columbia boasts the fastest population growth in the entire country, with four of the top five fastest-growing cities located in this one province. One of those speedily expanding cities is an ecological paradise, Chilliwack. Nestled in the North Cascades mountain range, Chilliwack is renowned for its huge array of outdoor recreational activities, including horseback riding, hiking, boating, rock climbing and fishing. Health-minded nature nuts flock to this gorgeous city in both summer and winter, and over 90,000 individuals call Chilliwack home: this translates to thousands of potential customers for nearly any type of food imaginable.

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton has a flavor all of its own, with an offbeat culture and a highly welcoming community. As the fifth largest city in Canada, it’s also known as the “Festival City” because it hosts a dizzying array of celebrations all throughout the year: everything from rodeos to international jazz competitions can be found here. Tourism is the lifeblood of this region thanks to its many special events and attractions, which means a constant flow of new customers eager to try anything new. 

This lovely city in Alberta has a growing immigrant population, which ensures that restaurants of all stripes will have devoted fans: there’s boundless possibilities here in the “Gateway to the North.”

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jumping to the other coast now, we find the maritime pearl of the Great White North: Halifax. Though it’s located next to the chilly Atlantic, the market is crackling hot, with impressive population growth in 2021 and 2022. A rich history, friendly locals, and vibrant culture make Halifax a wonderful place to purchase a restaurant, especially those which capitalize on the local fishing industry. More than that, it’s truly a place you’d be proud to work in, as Halifax is a hardy city whose people are highly devoted to their heritage.

Final thoughts

No matter your interests in culinary excellence, there’s a market for you out there, and these four Canadian cities are some of your best bets. All of them are projected to expand even more in the next decades as people migrate out of the huge metropolitan areas and into cozy, smaller sized cities with great communities and even better job prospects. 

The easiest way to get into the restaurant business is to use a business marketplace site that shows you every opportunity available all throughout Canada, making the research and bidding process easier than ever before. This could be the year that you take charge and become a restaurateur in one of these exciting cities, and a marketplace site can help you make that a reality.