Threat intelligence solutions: what are they and why do you need them? 

Working hard on your project and business, only to lose it all to digital piracy? Unfortunately, this is the reality for lots of business owners. Online piracy is a huge problem since the beginning of the internet. Especially now people tend to shop much more online. Online piracy often takes place on the internet and is hard to put a stop to. Do you want to know more about protecting your brand and what threat intelligence solutions are? We tell you all about it. 

What do Threat Intelligence Solutions do? 

Threat intelligent solutions can be of service when it comes to monitoring threats to your brand. They have automated systems that are able to monitor the online world for data breaches. Of course, these tools do involve an IT person to interpret the data and to see if there is really a threat to your company. The data shows possible threats, the IT person investigates if there is a possibility of a data breach. 

It is important to remember that covering only your in house computers does not fully prevent you against the possibility of a cyberattack. You should also think of third party computers and endpoint devices. Think of phones en e-mail addresses for example. To summarize: to fully understand what is happening in your business and to minimize the threat, you should monitor every online system with information that could be of importance. 

What’s in it for you? 

If you remain the chances of data breaches low, this has several benefits for your brand. Not only in the present time, but also in the future. That is of course because you protect your brand from infringements and maintain your good name, but also because you retain your own customers. After all, protecting your brand will probably keep them from going to the company that is stealing your ideas. Keeping your trademark is important, because if you let cyber piracy bring your product to the internet, it will eventually become a generic term. Leaving you behind with a product that is no longer profitable. 

Threat intelligence providers

Even the best trained IT and ICT professionals couldn’t comprehend doing everything for their company and customers whilst managing and monitoring their brand at the same time. That’s why most companies use threat intelligence providers that can monitor 24/7. Say there is a data breach, you and your company will get notified immediately. Threat Intelligence Solutions can monitor the darker places on the web for you. Find out which groups are targeting your brand