Turning an Old Car Wash into a Successful Business

A car wash is a great business to start with. Automatic or self serve car washes tend to be fairly hands off, while manual car washes do quite well with just a handful of quickly trained employees. As long as the building is updated, in good repair, and offers plenty of options for customers, it should do quite well throughout the summer months.

Cleaning Up the Car Wash

Long before customers arrive, the car wash should be given a decent coat of paint, it should be thoroughly cleaned, and the parking lot should be free of trash, debris, and weeds. All landscaping should be completed and the parking lot should be in good repair. If a car wash looks to be in poor shape, potential customers might head elsewhere.

Upkeep & Initial Repairs

For an older car wash, there will be some maintenance that’s needed. All brushes, dispensers, and water lines should be inspected and cleaned. Some may need to be cleaned or repaired. A car wash repair service California can take care of major repairs and upgrades so that the business can get cars cleaner in a shorter amount of time. When a customer finds a great car wash that gets a vehicle truly clean, chances are they will not visit other locations.

Pricing & Services

All pricing should reflect the car wash’s cleaning services while also remaining fairly competitive with other local car washes. By offering a wider variety of services such as tire waxing, vacuums, carpet cleaning foams, glass cleaning, air fresheners, and more, customers will not have to go to multiple places for a completely clean car.

Encouraging Drop Ins

By grabbing the attention of people who are passing by, the car wash stands a greater chance of impromptu customers. Try allowing vendors to sell their goods in the parking lot at no charge to increase traffic. Baked goods, homemade jams and jellies, started plants, and much more are all wonderful for bringing in people who are driving by.

A car wash is a great first business, especially for those who want something that is more hands off with a greater chance of success. Prepare a car wash during the winter for a spring grand opening.