Types of Accounting Firms

Companies or business organizations hire accounting firms to manage crucial accounting assignments. Any firm in the public domain is legally required to adhere to accounting standards formulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This means that they follow the approved principles of accounting.

SEC requires public firms to consult external accounting companies to help with auditing their financial statements. These accounting companies, such as Kruze Accounting and similar alternatives, are required to be experts in economic issues, for example, taxation, management, consulting, mergers, and also acquisition, including forensic accounting. Moreover, the type of accounting firms that businesses need is inclined to their financial and operational needs. 

The following are the primary types of accounting firms available for businesses:

Tax accounting

Companies that manage tax accounting put their focus on tax planning and also tax preparation on behalf of public firms. This is regardless of the size of the firm. They also provide accounting services to individuals. Tax accounting companies also consult or seek the services of CPAs. In particular, every accountant is required to operate within the existing tax laws and policies. 

The Internal Revenue Code puts forward tax policies and standards for both businesses and individuals to follow. In this regard, the tax accounting companies necessitate that every staff must take part in tax accounting training. This keeps them informed about the ever-transforming tax laws, principles, and software, including tax management procedures. This knowledge is essential, especially during the highly-intensive tax accounting season that keeps staffs pretty occupied.

Public accounting

Public accounting companies often hire or integrate Certified Public Accountants also referred to as CPAs. These are professionals who have tremendous knowledge and experience handling accounting tasks revolving around auditing, taxation, and management consulting. While many large firms offer public accounting services, Best CPA firm in NYC stands out in the market with vast experience and knowledge background. 

Public organizations seek the services of public accounting firms that have qualified CPAs. They help to do a lot more than managing the financials of companies, but most of all; they carry out accounting tasks in line with SEC. Besides, local as well as regional accounting companies, manage audits, including other financial management assignments for both local and regional companies.


Companies that manage bookkeeping may offer to help prepare bank statements, credit sales reconciliation, payables, planning financial statements, and accounting write-ups. These companies are often small, which means that they may have few employees. 

Some bookkeeping companies may also require certifications. The bookkeeping companies may also manage companies’ fundamental accounting assignments before presenting this data to CPA firms for more intricate processing.

Forensic accounting

Companies dealing with forensic accounting employ accounting knowledge and experience to identify any deceptive activities in companies. They also adhere to legal policies to unearth any illegal activities. This explains why public companies consult forensic accounting companies to study their financial records. The forensic accounting companies work hand in hand with local as well as federal administration.

Forensic accountants are often involved by federal bodies to provide evidence whenever companies or individuals are suspected of taking part in corporate fraud. The forensic accounting companies can be required to testify as professional witnesses. In a judicial system, forensic accountants can provide crucial facts that support issues related to money laundering, identity theft price manipulation, or embezzlement of public funds. There are others too, such as those that use lease accounting software to help companies manage real estate assets and the like.

Finally, you have a reason to hire a CPA to handle your accounting tasks today. It is only a certified accountant that is licensed to offer you reliable accounting services, which you can trust.