Using Drums As A Filling Container

When most of us go to the store, we are used to buying ice cream in a quart size or gallon size tub. These sizes seem large to the average consumer, but for large businesses or restaurants, you need to buy food in much large containers to save on cost and space. One of the most popular containers to use for these sorts of applications is that of drums.

Using Drums As A Filling Container

What Are Drums

A drum container is often referreing to a 55 gallon barrell. Drums can be made of metal or commercial grade plastic depending on the application you require. An automatic drum filling machine can be used to fill any drum type with whatever type of packing material you need, whether it be food or chemicals.

Drums come in two different types; open top and welded top. Open top means that the drums have a removable lid component that can make removing the contents of the drum much easier. Drums that have a welded top are designed for easier shipment as they can take much more abuse without fear of spilling the contents.

Plastic drums are made using injenction molding processes whereas metal drums are made using cold-rolled sheets which are then welded and stamped.


The weight the drum can handle will depend on two different things. First, the contents of what you fill the drum with with significantly alter the final weight of the drum when filled. Second, the material of the drum will affect weight, with metal naturally being heavier than plastic. If the drum is a 55 gallon drum, it usually can hold between 400-600 pounds of contents before having any structural failure issues.

As you can see, drums offer a very unique alternative to smaller containers for larger companies as well as restaurants that need large quantities.