Vuuzle Media Corp. Assigns the Music Legend, Ted Joseph, as Their New CEO


Vuuzle is slowly bringing in the future of streaming to the masses and the results are rather spectacular. The cool thing here is that it continually manages to implement new ideas and generate a lot of exposure one step at a time. And by adding in new people into the mix, such as music legend Ted Joseph, things will only get even better and more convenient than ever before. The nice thing here is that Ted Joseph is working with 3 major music giants and he focuses a lot on expanding his reach.

With help from Vuuzle, Ted Joseph has the unique opportunity to boost his reach and also expand the benefits of this industry in magnificent and unique ways. It really is something distinct and different, and it has the potential to pay off big time. That’s the best opportunity for an awarded professional like this.

Ted Joseph is now the CEO of Vuuzle and the company president says that he is the perfect fit. He will bring the 2-way streaming platform to the masses and he will also focus on further developing the new features that will be coming to Vuuzle in the very near future. The marketing team of the company is creating and also rolling out its new marketing strategy with the idea of maximizing the reach and bringing in new, amazing features to the table fast and easy.

The interesting thing about this is that will also have its own channel named the Fight Network where you can get live streams for sports events such as boxing fights. It’s a good way for people to get educated about these sports. And they also get to have great live streams and powerful content related to those streams, so it’s a win-win for everyone in the end,

Another thing to note is that Vuuzle is set to monetize the platforms via ad exchange and that will help drive traffic from major brands all over the world. It’s a great strategy to generate profits, and at the same time they do want to provide an amazing streaming experience for all players, all while not spending a huge amount of money. The system works great, it’s definitely adaptable and adjustable and you are always in control of it, which is a really nifty and interesting thing to explore and enjoy.

That being said, Ted Joseph has a lot of experience in distribution, publicity, budgeting, sales and marketing. This is one of the main reasons why making him the CEO was a very good idea. It works amazingly well and it definitely brings in front some cool results at the end of the day. It might take a little bit for us to see the fruits of his labor, but all this hard work and commitment is definitely paying off shortly, so we will be very happy to see where the platform is going from here in the long run!