What is Eb Best Practices In 801-413-7200 CA credit card Charge ?

The Eb Best Practices in 801-413-7200 CA Scam is a phone scam that has been targeting people in California. The scammer may call you and identify themselves as a representative from the “California State Treasury” or other governmental agency. They will claim that you owe the government money and threaten to send police if you don’t pay up immediately.

What is Eb Best Practices In 801-413-7200 CA credit card Charge


If you receive a call from this number, do not provide any personal information or payment information over the phone.

Common Signs of the Scam and How to Recognize It Instantly:-

Many of the scams are given out by people who call themselves “representatives” of the company. They will contact you using a phone call, email or text message and tell you that you have been selected to receive a free gift. The gift is usually a free vacation, a new car, or some other expensive item.

There are many different types of scams in California that the consumer should be aware of. One type is when someone tells you they have a winning lottery ticket and need your help to claim it from their location so they can split the money with you.

The scammer will ask for your bank account number so they can deposit the money into your account and then withdraw it for themselves before you can cash in on your prize. 

How You Can Protect Yourself from Becoming a Victim?

There are some steps you can take that will help you avoid scams and protect yourself from becoming a victim:

  • Do not click on links that look suspicious or ask for your personal information.
  • Do not give out your personal information to someone who contacts you on social media or email.
  • If there is something that sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

It might also appear as of the following in Your Credit Card Statement

1 CHECKCARD 801-413-7200
2 CHKCARD 801-413-7200
3 CHKCARD801-413-7200
4 Misc. Debit 801-413-7200
5 PENDING 801-413-7200
6 POS Debit 801-413-7200
7 POS PUR 801-413-7200
8 POS PURCH 801-413-7200
9 POS PURCHASE 801-413-7200
10 POS REFUND 801-413-7200
11 PRE-AUTH 801-413-7200
12 Visa Check Card 801-413-7200 MC

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