What Is MMBILL COM Credit Card Charge ?

What Is MMBILL COM Credit Card Charge

The major problem with online transactions is that their description may look unfamiliar. Some companies use a different description deliberately, and there are some companies where the case is otherwise. In such a case, you need to find out what these unfamiliar transactions could be, and this should help you stay away from the fraud. Today, we will talk about one such transaction that is different from the actual usage. So, let us move ahead and learn about transactions with the description MMBILL COM.

What Exactly is MMBILL COM?

Sometimes, you may access a porn website, and the problem with this website is that they may ask for a credit card to authenticate your identity or age. Now the problem is that in the validation process, you may get charged, and you might not be aware of this until a later date. Sometimes, you even purchase credits or subscriptions for their service. To avoid any embarrassment to the client, this particular website will show the transaction under the description MMBILL COM. In this case, some of you may even be charged a recurring on the card. If you didn’t make this transaction, you could check out additional details in the next section.

What Next?

If you are getting a recurring charge from the site, you would need to cancel the card. You must also talk to the customer care of the site you are visiting to help you resolve the issue. Apart from this, if you haven’t taken any services, then the bank would be your savior. The bank will be able to initiate a chargeback after they complete the investigation. Also, if you haven’t used your credit card on any porn site, then it might be worth checking with your partner if they used your details.