What is the Importance Of Patent Drafting For A Business?

What is the Importance Of Patent Drafting For A Business?

As an entrepreneur, filing a patent application is crucial for your business’ success. Moreover, you may already know how vital it is to be well aware of the patent drafting process. While filing a patent application, you would have borne the high charges and the hassles involved in drafting patents for your business.

Yes, the process is complicated, and it is advisable to hire a patent lawyer for the job. There are numerous aspects of the process that are known only to a professional.

What makes patent drafting important?

It is the most critical aspect of the patent application. The application describes the invention comprehensively, elaborating the invention elements that are new and not evident. Describing something that didn’t exist previously and that too, in a language that has legal standing, is a challenging task for sure. It’s something best left for the lawyers.

Patents provide the applicant with certain rights that are primarily dependent on the way the draft is made. The draft is a techno-legal document, and the protected elements need to be clarified in the document. It requires expertise and precision that leaves scope for protection.

Consider the patent lawyer as a vital peg between law and commerce with technology in between. He is the one with a detailed understanding of the products and services. He will frame the patent specifications along with the claims to meet the applicant’s commercial objectives.

Patent drafting benefits

Exclusionary right

Patent protection works as a barrier to entry and does not let others compete against the applicant. The competitors will be prohibited from commercially using any version or adaptation of the product in the marketplace.

However, if the competitors do so, the applicant has sufficient rights against them. He can serve a legal notice and may even make them compensate for the business loss.

 It only becomes possible when the patent drafting is accurate and has a distinct professional acumen.

Business benefits

Expect increased prices and profits with the right patent drafting as the patent adds to the potential of increased pricing for the product/service and subsequent profits. It is a powerful document that provides the applicant with a wide variety of commercial rights.

The applicant can bring in a price hike keeping in mind the increased market demand. The business prospects look brighter, and if cleverly capitalized, the advantage can turn into a competitive advantage for the applicant.

Compete with anyone in the marketplace

Patent drafting equips you with everything you need to compete with the big names and large corporations in your business domain. It works as a level playing field for the applicant. While large corporations are advantageous compared to a start-up or a small company, the smaller organizations can capitalize on their patents to compete with their muscle power. 

Therefore, your application is a tool in which the patent draft works as the document’s specification part. A purposeful, legally powerful and impressive application will let you reap the maximum benefits of your invention.