What Options Does Gerber Life Insurance Offer for Funeral Costs ?

Gerber has been a household name for decades. The company has many lines of business, one of them being life insurance since 1967. With over 3 million active policies, the Gerber is rated among the top league in the insurance business. The company offers a slew of insurance policies, including final expense policies. You can visit https://insuranceforfinalexpense.com/gerber-life-burial-insurance-review/ to read more about the review of their burial insurance. 

With over 21% of adults of 65-years and above in fair to poor health, it becomes necessary to consider a final expense insurance policy. Gerber offers several options when it comes to burial insurance. This article discusses them in detail. 

What Options Does Gerber Life Insurance Offer for Funeral Costs

Insurance for Varying Ages

Seniors can opt for burial insurance at any age. Therefore, restricting the age by which they need to purchase insurance is not fair. Gerber offers insurance policies for people over 50, over 60, over 70, and over 80 too. Therefore, even if you are celebrating your 80th birthday, it’s not too late to plan for a final expense policy. 

Plans for Seniors with Terminal Illness

Gerber knows that age brings with it diseases and illnesses that are not in your control. It shouldn’t mean difficulty in getting life insurance. The company has a final expense plan for just about anybody. Even if you have a terminal illness such as cancer, AIDS, or kidney dialysis. So, don’t let your ill-health come in the way of your plans. 

Graded Death Benefits Ensure Low Premiums

You cannot plan death but still plan for the consequences it brings. You purchase a final expense policy, and there is a waiting period for 24 months. What if you die before the two years are up? Well, the company’s policy is that in case of death during the waiting period, the premiums you paid are returned to your family with a 10% interest. The company understands that your passing is a difficult time for your loved ones, and even a little can mean a lot. 

By providing graded death benefits, they keep their premiums competitive. If the policy were to offer a level of death benefit, you would end up with higher premiums. Besides, if you lived longer than expected, inflation will reduce the value of the death benefit. 

Multiple Buying Options

The company offers multiple buying options. You can get instant quotes to your mailbox for those of you who are even a little bit tech-savvy. If you want to talk to some, you can call their customer service number and speak to a representative in detail. They will provide all details of the plan, payment, qualifying process, and benefits. 

Multiple Payment Options

Gerber allows you to pay through checks or debit/credit cards. They also offer you a discount if you sign up for an auto-debit from your savings or checking account every month. You can also set the date when you want to pay the premiums. It does not have to be the first of every month. This allows you to plan your monthly finances comfortably.

A Range Of Coverage

You have a choice of how much coverage you want. With policies starting from $5,000 and going up to $25,000, you can take your pick. The cash value accumulates over time. A small portion of your premiums is set aside as cash value. Over time, you accumulate more. You can also borrow from it if you need it. 

Gerber Life has been a trusted name in the insurance business for decades. The company ranks top in the burial insurance segment. You can get a detailed review of the company and their burial plans through an independent agent. It’s not too late to plan for a final expense plan.

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