Here is What Other Cash Advance Lending Companies Do Not Tell You 

A cash advance is any money that your credit card provider offers you against your credit limit. A cash advance is a very attractive way to get cash quickly for many, but more than often, individuals tend to forget that at some point, they need to pay back that money. 

It can be a dangerous way of acquiring money, especially if you have no plan of investing the cash. In many cases, individuals tend to think that it is okay to spend as long as they will pay back some other time. 

In many situations, you will come to realize that that is not okay since there are so many factors that you need to consider, most of which the lending companies and especially the sales agents are never quick to mention due to self-interest. 

Here are some factors you should watch out for that lending companies might never disclose to you. See this link for more details

  • No grace period

Upon purchasing directly, you will always be given a grace period, mostly up to a month, to pay back what you spent. 

It is not the same case when you get an advance since interests begin to apply immediately after you get the cash. The more time you take to repay, the more you will be required to pay back. 

Due to this, in most cases, you pay much more than you would have if you decided to explore other options. 

If you take time to calculate the interest rates, you will realize that in most instances, they go beyond 50% per annum, mainly if the duration used to pay back is long. 

  • Higher rates

You might not be aware of the notion that many holds by believing that purchases are the same as cash advances which is a misplaced idea. In most cases, credit cards will have approximately a 7% margin with purchases for two main reasons. 

First, when you opt for an advance, it is viewed as an act of desperation to some extent. They are aware that you will go the extra mile to have money when you are desperate for it; hence they use the chance to make you pay more than you ought to or would be willing to in normal circumstances. 

It is why you should explore other easier options, such as borrowing from friends or getting a long-term loan, before putting it into consideration. 

There is also a convenience that comes with having quick access to money that financiers know too well that you enjoy as their customers. 

Convenience is attractive and causes you to have zero afterthoughts as you decide whether the rates are high or not, which makes you opt for an advance either way.

  • Encourages harmful financial behaviors

When individuals have quick access to money, they tend to spend more than they should have with most living beyond their means since individuals think they have enough to spend, while in reality, it is borrowed money that needs to be paid back after some time. 

Individuals also forget that what they give back is more than they were given. Understanding those facts will help you to avoid borrowing and exploring other available options. 

In most instances, individuals will get cash advances because they cannot raise enough for their needs, making the situation even worse. If you are not in a position to make money that suits your needs, it means you might need to borrow over and over again. 

The problem with that is that you get into a bigger financial problem when the behavior becomes a sequence. Worse, even if you were to get unemployed or have your car badly damaged, you end up in a financial pit that is not easy to get out of. 

Getting deeper in debt over time is dangerous since it can easily lead you to a state of poor mental health.

  • Attract higher interest rates

With time you may have noticed that individuals are trying their best to make sure they get the most out of advances but pay backless. 

Companies have been monitoring the habits of borrowers and realized that some of them tend to make a withdrawal but later make payments within 72 or less than 72 hours. It is a sign that customers are trying to escape interests posing a risk to their lending business.  

You must be aware that financiers may begin to increase your interest rates as a way of mitigating this type of risk. 

Some financiers will view frequent use as a sign of financial problems and decrease the amounts that you can borrow, causing you to have a lower limit than the regular credit limit. See this link to read on how you can be settling your loans faster 

  • Upfront fees

Due to self-interest, an agent is likely to skip all the details that expose the disadvantage of taking an advance. You are hence responsible for the task of pointing out why you should or should not have one. 

In many instances, this is difficult to do at the point of need; hence should be done when you are in a state of financial stability. 

That way, you can see all facts. Many individuals have tried to avoid charges that are incurred upfront, yet there are no many ways out of it except keeping off the services or going for very low-interest rate cards that are hard to find. 

It becomes even worse when you need to withdraw cash from an ATM that is not part of the network you used to get the money. You can also click here to read about merchant advances.


Cash advances are not all bad and are very helpful during emergencies. However, using it as an option whenever you have an emergency should not be the norm. Doing so places it in a delicate situation where you are likely to be over-reliant with time. The bottom line to successfully avoiding reliance is monitoring and getting ways to handle your financial situation appropriately. Using it for your day-to-day expenses is wrong and should never be considered at any time. In the long run, we all want to get to a point we can spend luxuriously, but this has to happen using earned and not borrowed money.