What’s the deal with UC? Is it worth the cost? 

You might have previously heard of unified communications (UC) — a system where several disparate communication methods are consolidated into a single point of contact.

The communication methods that can all be tied to the same UC interface include email, instant messaging, SMS, fax and voicemail. However, if you currently lack a UC system, you might have feared that transitioning to one would not be worth the financial cost.

Here are several UC advantages that could help put you at ease about the technology.

UC is based in the cloud 

Consequently, UC presents a more flexible and accessible solution than the old-fashioned PBX (private branch exchange) setups traditionally used by businesses in an earlier era.

As you transition your employee base from a vintage PBX system to cloud-based UC, the financial savings can start quickly stacking up.

For example, you would not need to buy dedicated IP servers for calling, while most UC solutions are compatible with a range of devices already used by employees.

UC can be scaled up and down as your corporate needs dictate 

Naturally, the amount of telecoms infrastructure your business needs could change over time. For example, you could open a few new offices as your company grows, but then need to scale back during tough economic times. 

Fortunately, a UC system from the telecoms firm Gamma, for example, can be easily upscaled and downscaled in line with your organization’s needs. Hit the following link to find out more about how this works — and can assist you in streamlining your corporate telecoms expenses.

UC allows employees to work in unorthodox locations 

This would obviously be convenient for members of your workforce who are still working from home. However, it can also be useful in many other situations, such as when workers are on business trips and want to stay in the loop about what’s happening back at the office.

UC enables access to a digital toolbox via both office-based and mobile technology, with 60% of employees having cited the latter as helping to enhance productivity, Fit Small Business reports.

UC can genuinely reduce corporate operating costs 

According to research mentioned by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, organizations can shed an average of $62.4 million per year in productivity as a result of communication barriers.

However, implementing a UC solution can spare your business an array of hardware expenses, including those of desk phones and company-owned laptops. That’s because employees are given the option of using their personal devices for work purposes.

UC implementation comes with a minimal upfront cost 

If your business currently has a conventional PBX system, you could remember originally sourcing and setting it up — and the various expenses, like those of hardware, software licenses and phone costs, involved along the way.

However, the price of obtaining a UC system and getting it all up and running is delightfully inexpensive by comparison. As a result, you could find little difficulty in setting aside the funding needed for the implementation of a UC system for your company.